PC 1.0 Update #19: second hotfix added

While everyone is longing to play on the new #19 update the dev crew keeps improving the build, this time another hotfix has been added.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the issue which prevented players from changing the red dot reticle when using an SMG.
  • Fixed an issue where throwables could pass through character models
  • Optimized CPU performance by improving the graphic rendering function.
  • Optimized GPU resources to lower GPU burden and improve performance.
  • Optimized attachment related rendering resources to improve performance.
  • Optimized fog to increase performance.
  • Previously 2 separate fog effects were used for the overall effect, they’ve now been merged together to improve performance.
  • Optimized grass assets to reduce memory resources used and improve performance.
Removed from UI/UX:
  • If a player's nickname extends past the position of the marker icon, only up to 10 characters of the nickname will be shown, and the rest will be abbreviated with "...”.
    The above issue has now been fixed.