What is feed? feed is supported by journalists and guests of the portal and contains all up-to-date info about the game universe.

You will get in the TOP of the feed if you manage to create a post which will be interesting for the site visitors no matter what it will be – brief news, nice / funny pic / gif, or a video. The best posts will be published on our public page in VK.

By creating an interesting content, you increase your Karma, which gives you more privileges on the site.

What is Karma?

Karma is the overall value of your content in all projects.

What depends on the amount of Karma?

With low Karma you can't use different site features, whereas users with high Karma get some privileges and bonuses.

There are 5 levels of Karma providing different kinds of privileges and limitations.

0 to 5 points of Karma

You can leave comments using the simplest text editor. You can leave any amount of likes daily

5 to 50 points of Karma

You can use basic formatting tags in the text editor and basic set of emoticons

50 to 500 points of Karma

You can add images and videos in the text editor

More than 500 points of Karma

You can add links and spoilers in the text editor

We will scale and add privileges, follow our news.

How can I increase my Karma?

  • Get likes for your comments
  • Visit our site at least once a day
  • Rate at least one post daily
  • Rate at least one comment daily
  • Add at least one comment daily