Drainys has left Avangar

A few hours ago Russian player Sviatoslav "Drainys" Komissarov has announced he is leaving Avangar:

Dear Friends,

With a lot of new challenges happening in my life at the moment I am no longer a part of AVANGAR team in PUBG. I would like to thank the organization and its employees for our time together and the support you have gave me throughout our shared journey in cybersport and I would never forget our victories on tournament and quals.

Big thanks to my friends and already ex-teammates 0nuqtive,Keen and especially MuMiNo who taught me everything in competitive PUBG.

New challenges awaits, follow the news.

 With the team he has managed to win the last IEM event in Katowice and will be attending GLL finals alongside with GRUBIE squad.

GRUBIE GLL Season 1 lineup

  • Россия, Russia, RU Vadim «POKAMOLODOY» Ulshin
  • Россия, Russia, RU Ivan «Pijamaenota» Kapustin
  • Россия, Russia, RU Dmitriy «Shade1» Roshin
  • Россия, Russia, RU Sviatoslav «Drainys» Komissarov