Team Bliss bid farewell to their PUBG lineup

Australian esports club Team Bliss has announced the complete dissolution of its PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS lineup, which has been performing unchanged for the past year.

Team Bliss opened a PUBG division in 2019. Since then, the organization's lineups have earned about $40,000 in prize money in the discipline.

Team Bliss finished 12th at PUBG Continental Series 7: Asia Pacific and did not qualify for the PUBG Global Championship 2022 in Dubai.

Former Team Bliss squad:

  •  Brynjar "6RYN" Authunsson
  • Австралия, Australia, AU Alexander "Monty" Watters
  • Австралия, Australia, AU Jesse "Insight" Spencer
  • Австралия, Australia, AU Kyle "Mirage_Flare" Muccignat