Sparkingg forms Brazilian lineup

A well-known professional player in PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Pedro "sparkingg" Ribeiro announced a new team consisting entirely of Brazilian cyber athletes.

In addition to sparkingg himself, it includes Lucas "lfp1" Prado, Guilherme "guizeera" Barbosa and Hailton "vhz" Junior. Sparkingg previously played for YAHO; lfp1 and vhz were FourPoorMen players; guizeera represented 22 Esports.

No name for the new squad is known yet.

Team lineup:

  • Бразилия, Brazil, BR Pedro "sparkingg" Ribeiro
  • Бразилия, Brazil, BR Lucas "lfp1" Prado
  • Бразилия, Brazil, BR Guilherme "guizeera" Barbosa
  • Бразилия, Brazil, BR Hailton "vhz" Junior