Dodge disband

The North American PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS team Dodge has ceased to exist: all five members, including the coach, have left the team.

Dodge was founded in 2020. Since then, the team has earned $80,000 in prize money in PUBG.

Dodge finished seventh in the seventh season of the PUBG Continental Series in America and did not qualify for the PUBG Global Championship 2022 in Dubai.

Former Dodge squad:

  • Бельгия, Belgium, BE Simon "Corsac" Molinghen
  • США, United States, US Ethan "Ethan" Comer
  • Канада, Canada, CA Brandon "f1nna" Finskars
  • Австралия, Australia, AU James "Hikerman" Dunsford
  • США, United States, US Jake "CarbonxYz" Smith (coach)