A Preview of PUBG Global Championship 2022

Hello PUBG Esports fans!

We have previously announced that the PUBG Global Championships will return for 2022, yet were light on details. Despite PCS7 competition being in full swing, we would like to take a brief moment to announce what fans can expect afterwards and give some insight into how we plan to end the year (spoiler…it’s going to be with a bang).

Same Exciting PUBG Action, New Location

The adrenaline of PUBG Global Championships returns Nov. 1-20 as the top 32 teams from across four regions descend unto Dubai for a chance to compete for and win part of the $2,000,000 prize pool. As with years past, fans and players can expect the prize pool to increase further as 30% of the profits earned from upcoming to-be-announced PGC 2022 items will be added directly to the overall prize pool.  

Participating Squads

The top 32 teams will be made up of 12 squads from Asia, eight from Europe, six from APAC, and another six from the Americas region. The confirmed list of participating teams will be determined based on final PGC Qualification Points, which have been acquired throughout the year, with PCS7 being the last opportunity for squads to prove their mettle.

Tournament Format Preview

Similar to last year, this year’s final PUBG Esports event will include a series of weekly tournaments that break out into a Group Stage, Winners/Losers Bracket, and Grand Survival to determine the top 16 teams of the Grand Final. These final squads will compete against each other in the Grand Final to fight for the right to call themselves the PGC 2022 Grand Champions.

PGC 2022 will be partnering with a wider initiative called the Dubai Esports Festival, which takes place from Nov. 9-20 and features a variety of events and activities meant to push the esports industry forward.