PUBG LABS: Zone Tag Returns

The developers return LABS: Zone Tag. The game mode is available in PUBG Labs from September 8 to 13. It appeared for the first time in February this year. Players fight each other on Erangel for the possession of the ball, which spawns at a random player location with the match start, in this mode. All the details are provided in the announcement below.

Hello Survivors!

The battle for the Blue Ball is back. PUBG presents to you LABS: Zone Tag Again! Since the first version of Zone Tag that was released this February was quite experimental for us as well, we’ve utilized our players’ feedback thereafter and made some both big and small changes that would hopefully suit your tastes.

Let’s now take a look at those changes.

LABS: Zone Tag Changes

Health Regeneration

  • To make things fairer, all players can now regenerate health based on their movement speed (also works inside vehicles). The faster you move, the more health you regenerate per second.

Overall Loot

  • We’ve increased the overall amount of loot as we noticed that players were not able to find enough loot within phases of the game.
  • We also removed boost items as everyone can regenerate HP based on movement speed.

The Anchor

  • An Anchor will spawn if the Carrier stays in one area for too long.
  • The area radius of the Anchor gets larger with every circle phase.
  • The Blue Ball will get detached if the Carrier does not move away from the Anchor.

Boats and Aquarails

  • Boats and Aquarails will spawn.
  • The Carrier however cannot enter water, nor use boats or Aquarails.

For more details on the general rules of Zone Tag, check out our previous announcement.

Service Schedule

PUBG LABS: Zone Tag will be open during the following period.

  • PC
    • PDT: September 8, 0 AM – September 13, 0 AM
    • CEST: September 8, 9 AM – September 13, 9 AM
    • KST: September 8, 4 PM – September 13, 4 PM
  • Console
    • PDT: September 16, 0 AM – September 20, 0 AM
    • CEST: September 16, 9 AM – September 20, 9 AM
    • KST: September 16, 4 PM – September 20, 4 PM

Gameplay Settings

  • Erangel – Sunny
  • FPP & Squad Only
    • One-Man Squads Not Supported
  • Minimum number of players: 24 (PC/Console)
  • Maximum number of players: 100 (PC/Console)

Notes When Playing in LABS

  • LABS games do not provide XP or gameplay rewards
  • LABS gameplay will not be reflected on the Career page
  • LABS gameplay will not be reflected on Match History
  • LABS gameplay will not count towards Survivor Pass missions
  • LABS gameplay does not support replay

The PUBG Team 

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