WackyJacky101's five tips in PUBG

Well-known in the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds community streamer and content maker WackyJacky101 has published a new video in which he shared some useful tips in PUBG.

  • The side sight gives an instant zoom when aiming, while maintaining the same aiming speed (ADS) compared to a red dot sight. The WackyJacky101 first detected this bug a few months ago.
  • If you crouch first and then prone with the weapon in your hand, the sight will remain on the target. If you lie down straight from a standing position, the weapon will "carry" you away. Might help you in the shootings.
  • The weapon is taken from the second slot 15% faster than the first one (0.7 sec vs 0.83 sec).
  • After the recent changes the river on Sanhok can swim in one breath (without surfacing).
  • Sticky bomb can be useful when storming a room with an enemy. Throw the bomb on a closed door and open it just before the explosion.