Halloween with Dead by Daylight: LABS, Skins, Events, and Rewards

.Hey, are you okay? We don’t have much time, so listen carefully.

The Killer’s out there in the Fog and our teammates are currently risking their lives to repair those generators.

… I’ve just received word on the last generator’s location. Let’s go.

Remember, we must escape together and report back what we discovered!

LABS Mode Collaboration: PUBG X Dead by Daylight

※ Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer horror game from Behaviour Interactive Inc., where one player takes on the savage Killer role and the other four playing the Survivors. The Killer’s goal is to hunt down the Survivors while the Survivors work together to avoid getting killed.

Download and learn more about the game here: https://www.deadbydaylight.com/

One day, everything was consumed by the Fog. Just like that. Nobody knows why.

Expeditions were dispatched – us right now – to study and report back the buried secrets of the Fog. But it didn’t take us long to find out something more lurked out here…

We call it the Killer.

The Killer makes sure many teams don’t come back from the Fog. In other words, not only do you have to reveal the Fog’s mysteries and escape safely, but you also have to make sure you don’t get slaughtered.

But before you begin, make sure to read the expedition guideline below for a higher chance of survival.

  • Once a match starts, there will be a number of broken generators (3 greater than the number of Survivors) scattered throughout the map.
  • Survivors (three teammates) will have to work together to repair 1 more generator than the number of Survivors to activate the exit gates’ switches.
  • There will be a single Killer per match.
  • The Killer has one goal: do whatever they can to prevent every Survivor from escaping.

Survivors’ Guide

1. To win, avoid the Killer and open the exit gates to escape.

2. Characteristics

  • Three character states exist in this mode.
  • Normal State
    • Sprinting or being damaged/knocked out will reveal your trail to the Killer for 10 seconds.
    • Your heart will beat faster and louder when the Killer is near you.
    • Sprinting will drain your exhaust gauge. If your exhaust gauge is fully depleted, you can not sprint until the gauge regains health.
    • Falling from a high place does not inflict damage, but it will take longer to stand upright again.
  • Damaged State
    • Receiving damage in normal state will bring you to a damaged state.
    • You will drop a consistent blood trail (lasting 4 seconds) behind you every second whenever you move.
    • You will also moan in pain, which may alert the Killer.
    • Using the Med Kit to heal yourself will turn you back to normal state.
      • Other Survivors can also heal you to turn you back to normal state.
  • Knocked Out
    • Receiving damage from damaged state will knock you out.
    • Your movement speed will drastically decrease.
    • You can not interact with any map objects.
    • The Killer or another Survivor will be able to carry you.
    • Your HP will slowly decrease for 4 minutes; you will die once your HP drops to 0.
    • You can slowly heal yourself even without the Med Kit, but another Survivor must heal you in order to go back to damaged state.

3. Generators

  • Find broken generators and use the interaction key to fix every one.
  • A QTE will show up during repair – if you succeed, the repair gage slightly increases. If you fail, your location is revealed to the Killer and the generator’s repair gage slightly decreases.
    • ※ QTE: Quick Time Event is an onscreen prompt requiring players to perform certain actions for the next step.
  • More than one Survivor can repair a single generator together to speed up repair time.
  • Once the required number of generators is repaired, the location of the exit gates will show up as silhouettes on the screen.
  • Flip the switch on the exit gate with the interaction key to escape in time.
    • Must escape through the exit altogether within 2 minutes if no Survivor is knocked out or stuck in a Blue Zone Locker.
    • Must escape through the exit altogether within 4 or more minutes if at least 1 Survivor is knocked out or stuck in a Blue Zone Locker.
    • If every Survivor fails to escape within the specified time, the Killer wins.
  • If you’re the only Survivor alive, you can open the exit gate without having to repair any more generators.

4. Against the Killer

  • Survivors can not kill the Killer.
  • Avoid getting damaged/knocked out and sent to the Blue Zone Locker as a sacrifice by the Killer.
    • Blue Zone Locker: Holds knocked out Survivors for a certain amount of time before killing them.
    • Blue silhouettes of knocked out Survivors are shown to other Survivors.
  • When you’re knocked out and the Killer carries you, a QTE will pop up to give you a chance to stun the Killer and drop you.
  • Survivors can also knock over randomly spawned Pallets to either gain distance while running away, or to hit the Killer at the right timing to temporarily disorient them.

5. Items

  • You can only hold one item at the same time.
  • Items are consumed on use.
  • At the beginning, Survivors are randomly given one starting item among the following four:
    • Smoke Grenade: Creates a temporary smoke field to hinder the Killer’s vision.
    • Lv. 1 Stun Grenade (2): Use to temporarily stun the Killer.
    • Lv. 1 Toolbox: Use to temporarily destroy the Blue Zone Locker. It can also be used to speed up generator repairs.
    • Lv. 1 Med Kit: Use to heal yourself and earn a speed boost when healing yourself and/or your teammates.
      • A QTE pops up during heal – if you succeed, the heal gage increases slightly. If you fail, the gage slightly decreases.
      • More than one Survivor (they don’t all have to be holding Med Kits) can heal a single Survivor together to speed up heal time.
  • Survivors can also find and pick up item crates during the match.
    • Lv. 2 Stun Grenade: Use to temporarily stun and hinder the Killer’s vision.
    • Smoke Grenade
    • Lv. 2 Toolbox
    • Lv. 2 Med Kit
  • If you are not holding any items, the silhouettes of lootable item crates are shown on the screen.
    • If you loot an item from the crate when you already have one, the item you were holding will be dropped.

Killer’s Guide

1. To win, find Survivors and kill them before they escape.

2. Characteristics

  • Killers have faster movement speed than Survivors.
    • Falling from a high place does not inflict damage nor require any delay to stand upright again.
    • However, vaulting speed is much slower.
  • Silhouettes of Survivors who failed to heal themselves/teammates or repair a generator are shown on the screen.
  • Silhouettes of Survivors who rescue other Survivors from the Blue Zone Lockers are shown on the screen.
  • Generators being repaired can be damaged with the interaction key.
  • Knocked over pallets can be destroyed.

3. Items

  • Killers can attack and/or knock out Survivors with the provided weapons:
  • A loaded Win94
    • Can obtain Win94 ammo by interacting with the Blue Zone Lockers.
  • Machete
    • You can knock out a Survivor immediately with the Machete when they’re vaulting or interacting with an object.
  • Sticky Bomb
    • A silhouette of the bomb you attached will show up on the screen.
    • Can obtain 1 more Sticky Bomb 5 seconds after using the first one.
    • You can hold up to 2 Sticky Bombs.
    • The Sticky Bomb does not knock out Survivors.

4. Against Survivors

  • Knock out Survivors and carry them to Blue Zone Lockers to kill them.
    • The Killer will drop the Survivor if stunned by a Stun Grenade, etc.
    • If every Survivor is trapped in a Blue Zone Locker, they will die immediately and end the match with the Killer’s victory.
  • Killers must keep captured Survivors in a Blue Zone Locker for at least 2 minutes to kill them,
  • OR keep Survivors captured for the second time for at least 1 minute,
  • OR keep Survivors captured the third time to kill them immediately,
  • OR leave a knocked out Survivor on the ground for 4 minutes.

Have you got everything down? You only have limited time for this expedition, so make sure to complete as many sessions as you can within the following period.

Mode Schedule

※ PUBG X Dead by Daylight mode will run during the following period. Dates may be adjusted.

  • PC & Console
    • PDT: October 21, 12 AM – PST November 6, 11 PM
    • CEST: October 21, 9 AM – CET November 7, 8 AM
    • KST: October 21, 4 PM – November 7, 4 PM

Gameplay Settings

  • Once a match starts, players will be asked to select between a Survivor/Killer role.
    • If roles are not selected before the countdown, roles will be randomly selected.
    • If every player chooses to be a Survivor, the Killer will be randomly chosen.
    • If 2 or more players choose to be a Killer, a single player will be randomly chosen as the Killer.
  • Survivor – TPP
  • Killer – FPP
  • Min/max number of starting players: 4

Custom Match Settings

Enjoy PUBG X Dead by Daylight even more with custom matches.

  • Service Period
    • PC & Console
      • PDT: October 21, 12 AM – PST December 7, 11 PM
      • CEST: October 21, 9 AM – CET December 8, 8 AM
      • KST: October 21, 4 PM – December 8, 4 PM
  • Settings
    • Number of starting players: Min. 4, max. 14
    • Number of Killers: Min. 1, max. 3

Notes When Playing LABS

  • Press the LABS banner in the lobby to play PUBG X Dead by Daylight Mode.
  • LABS gameplay…
    • Do not provide XP or gameplay rewards.
    • Will not be reflected in Career/Match History.
    • Does not support replay.

There are things you also need to do apart from… avoiding slaughter. Complete specific missions and receive rewards! Let me explain more below.

PUBG X Dead by Daylight Event

How to Participate

  • Access the PUBG X Dead by Daylight Mission Event page by pressing the event banner in the lobby.
  • Press the “Start Mission” button to begin.
  • Check out what missions and rewards are available.
  • Go back to the game and play PUBG X Dead by Daylight Mode.
  • If you’ve completed a mission, go back to the event page and press the “Claim Reward” button.
  • Enjoy your rewards!

Missions and Rewards

  • Play 1 Match to receive a Dwight Unknown Outfit redeem code, redeemable in Dead by Daylight!※ Installation of the Dead by Daylight game is required to redeem the outfit.
  • Play 5 Matches to receive a Dead by Daylight Killers Spray.
  • Reach 10 cumulative kills as a Killer to receive a Dead by Daylight “The Nurse” Mask.
  • (PC) Your rewards will be delivered to your Customize page as soon as you press the “Claim Reward” button in the event page.
  • (Console) Your rewards will be delivered to your Customize page by November 12 UTC.

Event Schedule

※ The time and dates below are subject to change.

  • PDT: October 21, 12 AM – PST November 6, 11 PM
  • CEST: October 21, 9 AM – CET November 7, 8 AM
  • KST: October 21, 4 PM – November 7, 4 PM

Important Notes

  • You are required to access the event page through the PUBG X Dead by Daylight Mission Event banner in the main lobby ONLY for your participation to be counted.
  • This event is available to every region and platform.
  • Matches playedin PUBG X Dead by Daylight mode only will be counted.
  • You can participate and receive each reward only once per account.
  • Please make sure to participate within the event period to receive rewards.
  • A minimum of 5 minutes (including spectating time) of gameplay will be counted as playing 1 Match.
  • It may take up to 30 minutes for your gameplay count to be reflected on the event page.
  • Matches played by abusing an unexpected in-game bug and/or through other unfair methods will not be counted.

Lastly, before you set off to fix those generators, I heard they got some new outfits at the Store to help you look a bit more… fearsome against the Killer. Perhaps they’ll help you survive longer?

Collaborative Store Items: Dead by Daylight

※ The sales periods shown below are subject to change.

Items List

  • Set
    • Dead by Daylight Mega Bundle (2970 G-COIN)
      • Includes bonus items: Dead by Daylight Backpack Set, Dead By Daylight “Sacrificial Hook” – Pan, Dead By Daylight Killers Nameplate
    • Dead by Daylight “The Huntress” Costume Set (1190 G-COIN)
    • Dead by Daylight “The Legion” Costume Set (1190 G-COIN)
    • Dead by Daylight “The Clown” Costume Set (1190 G-COIN)
    • Dead by Daylight “The Trapper” Costume Set (1190 G-COIN)

Sales Period:

  • PC
    • PDT: October 18, After live server maintenance – PST December 6, 6 PM
    • CEST: October 19, After live server maintenance – CET December 7, 3 AM
    • KST: October 19, After live server maintenance – December 7, 11 AM
  • Console
    • PDT: October 19, After live server maintenance – PST December 7, 8 PM
    • CEST: October 20, After live server maintenance – CET December 8, 5 AM
    • KST: October 20, After live server maintenance – December 8, 1 PM

Custom Match Event with Partners

We’ve also prepared an event with PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Partners!

Head off to the participating Partners’ channels (list provided below) during the event period, take part in their custom matches, and receive a Pumpkin Head and Golden G-Coin Box as rewards!

Event Period

  • PC
    • PDT: October 21, 12 AM – PST December 6, 11 PM
    • CEST: October 21, 9 AM – CET December 7, 8 AM
    • KST: October 21, 4 PM – December 7, 4 PM
  • Console
    • PDT: October 21, 12 AM – PST December 7, 11 PM
    • CEST: October 21, 9 AM – CET December 8, 8 AM
    • KST: October 21, 4 PM – December 8, 4 PM