PUBG Mobile Hits 200 Million Downloads, 30 Million Daily Active Users

PUBG Mobile now has 30 million daily active users and has hit 200 million downloads, Tencent said in a statement. This number excludes China and just highlights how popular PUBG Mobile is across the world. The game has a huge player base in India and many other markets, and the fact that PUBG Mobile runs smoothly on even low-end Android devices has definitely boosted its popularity. However, the 200 million downloads number doesn't paint an accurate picture of how many people play the game. The daily active users is a metric people should look at to gauge PUBG Mobile's popularity and even that number is very high.

Fortnite's user base is huge in some markets but particularly on mobile, the game lags behind PUBG. In spite of that, Fortnite has hit 200 million registered players and continues to rake in the moolah for Epic Games. While Fortnite and PUBG Mobile remain very popular, it is worth noting that PUBG Mobile has exceeded Fortnite's revenue on iOS recently, according to data from Sensor Tower.

Thanks to being on Android (as well as iOS), PUBG Mobile dominates Asia and China according to Sensor Tower, with the US making up only 30 percent of PUBG's revenue. PUBG Mobile on Android is very popular in markets where there aren't many PCs or consoles, such as India. Many people here use Android devices as their primary computing device and that adds to the game's popularity.

PUBG Mobile has been actively adding new features to the game on both Android and iOS. We've stated before that the game is just as good, if not better, on mobile than on PC and consoles. The Royale Pass, PUBG Mobile's take on Fortnite Battle Pass, and seasonal events have all made it to PUBG Mobile. Fortnite on the other hand is not as well optimised across devices.