iMCMV: "Esports is the new generation of sports where sports clubs can make investments on"

Another interview from Starladder (read the previous with Russian M19 star ELITEPLAYER), this time it's the captain of Galatasaray PUBG team Orhun 'iMCMV' Buyukkapucu.

How was your team gathered?

Let's start from the moment I played for Crew e-sports. At that time, I met Atahan Dikmen, a well-known person at Galatasaray. He introduced me to NotteFuria team and we started to play together. Afterwards, Invictum e-sports made an offer so I had to find 2 more players to join the team with me. I scouted lmNs and RETIREDfps. That's how I brought the team together, which is now known as Galatasaray PUBG squad.

How did you start working with Galatasaray? Also, what was your first reaction on Galatasaray’s offer?

I was personally acquainted with Atahan Dikmen, a well-known person in the Galatasaray management and community. He told us that if we improve our gameplay and achieve some of his goals, we could play for the team that fills the center of our lives.

After we heard that, we thought about the possibility of playing for our dream team and we trained for longer hours and achieved those goals that Atahan asked us. Galatasaray then signed us after negotiations. When I heard that Galatasaray thinks positive of us, I was so happy that I started running around my apartment. It was probably one of the moments that I won't forget.

Why do you think Football clubs sign esport teams? What do they wish to achieve?

Esports is the new generation of sports where Sports Clubs can make investments in. The teams who made those investments know that esports will become mainstream in the future, and in this situation, the early bird gets the worm.

What does it mean for you personally to be part of a famous football club?

Galatasaray is not an ordinary football club for me. It's a big honor to play for Galatasaray.

Do you like football? What is your favorite team, except for Galatasaray? Have you watched football before, maybe cheering for someone?

Yes, I really like football. I don't have any favorite team except Galatasaray but I love watching any Champions League matches. I have been a fan of Galatasaray since the age of six.

iMCMV with his friends at Galatasaray’s football match

Did you gain a lot of fans after signing with Galatasaray? Have you talked with any Galatasaray football fans?

Of course, Galatasaray has a lot of supporters. And they are not just cheering for one football team or one basketball team, instead they are rooting for Galatasaray as a whole. They support the name and the emblem. It's like a lifestyle and like a big family.

Tell us about your role in the team. Who is the sniper? Who is the IGL?

I’m the In-Game Leader and the sniper of Galatasaray. As an IGL, I am responsible for choosing the tactics and rotating the team’s routes during the match.

Snipers in PUBG teams mostly do not use DMRs, Semi-auto Sniper Rifles, and I don’t use them either. I prefer to use Kar98k, M24 and AWM, which are bolt action sniper rifles in the game. The best thing about bolt action rifles is that you can knock a person down with one headshot, which makes them a very dangerous weapon.

Does Galatasaray provide bootcamp for your team?

There are some plans for the future. The club is doing its best right now.

How many hours per day do you spend on the practicing?

Right now we practice 6-7 hours a day together. We spend most of this time playing, but sometimes we watch demos, discuss tactics, and practice with our aims. After that, we usually play for about 2 hours of solo games, but only in FPP mode.

What are your main goals as a team?

Our and Galatasaray’s goals are the same - we want to be at the top of what we do. Also, we want to be a part of the PUBG Europe League in 2019, of course.