Xbox Community Weekly Post - August Week 1

Hello everyone,

We are back with another Community Weekly Post.

This week, we deployed a hotfix to add analog movement alongside other new features and fixes. After the hotfix was deployed, we were made aware of a few issues with the new features that we’ll be addressing next week in a new hotfix. Thanks to everyone who sent in their feedback on these new issues! Read on for what we’re addressing in this new hotfix.

Loading into matches

Players have reported experiencing a number of issues while trying to load into matches. Some players have experienced very long waiting times while getting into matches, with some even reporting that they would be kicked to the dashboard after waiting on the loading screen for a long time. Other players have had the ‘lost connection to host’ message pop-up while loading into the game. In most of these cases, when players would reconnect back into the match, they would see their character already parachuting down after being dropped out of the plane at the end of the flight path. These issues result in players not being able to see the in-game lobby, the match start countdown, or choose where to deploy over where the plane kicks them out.

We’ve determined that this is due to the large amount of players being in a single area in the pre-game lobby. The amount of resources needed to be loaded is too high for the console to handle before the player is put into the pre-game lobby. The loading is taking so long that players aren’t fully loaded in until after the plane drops them at the end of its path.

We’re working to fix this by repackaging the files that need to be loaded together closer to each other to better optimize loading times. We’re conducting tests as we speak and loading times have already significantly improved.

Analog Movement

While players like the implementation of the new analog movement, there is still some work to be done. With analog movement, sprinting diagonally using L-stick became much more difficult. In addition, characters run at maximum speed when sprinting in a straight line, but when sprinting diagonally with the L-stick, run speeds were only 80% of the maximum. The 80% window was much wider before the implementation of analog movement and used to be approximately 45 degrees on each side for 80% sprinting speed to work, making it easy to control. With analog movement, characters only have about 20 degrees on each side to reach the 80% speed. This is difficult to control as analog movement has a much wider range of degrees the player can run at and if the character goes past the 20 degree angle, the speed would decrease even further.

This has affected players who use the zigzag running method to dodge bullets and make it harder for enemies to pin them down. Running in a zigzag pattern is a core strategy for many, so we want to maintain its effectiveness.

We’re increasing the angle for 80% speed to improve the feel of analog movement, while making the “zigzag” strategy easier to use again. One thing that will be different is that when you try and change the sprinting direction rapidly in a wide angle, your character will momentarily slow down, as doing so in real life would probably break your tendons.

Other Priorities

With the above issues being resolved in the next hotfix, we’re focusing on fixing these four main issues:

  • Footstep and vehicle sound not being able to be heard sometimes
  • Desync
  • Increasing Frame rate across all Xbox versions (OG/S/X)
  • Not being able to drive vehicle sometimes

Thanks everyone for your feedback! We wouldn’t be able to address these issues nearly as well without your reports. We appreciate your passion for the game and with your help will continue to improve the game every week!


PUBG Xbox Team

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