Xbox Community Weekly Post - July Week 3

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to our Community Weekly Post! Today marks our 4th edition, and we hope you’ve been enjoying our weekly updates in this form.

This week, we pushed the PTS build to live servers with Update #17. If you missed this news, feel free to check out the patch notes here:

While this update contained many bug fixes, it also introduced a few issues that still need to be resolved, which we will go over in this post.

Lastly, we had an issue with the Community Headhunter Crate this week. We’ll go over this in detail below.

Let’s dive in!

Graphics/Textures on Xbox One X

As many of our Xbox players are aware, the Xbox One X utilizes a more detailed world than the OG/S versions due to their powerful GPU for 4K resolution. Thus, X users are able to see textures in higher quality, but it also means that the X requires more resources to output these textures compared to OG and S. Because of this, it took longer to load textures, and even caused issues with dropped frames.

To mitigate these types of issues and to create more fair looting and combat situations, we decided to make the rendering process to display the highest quality textures more gradual. This means buildings will load faster, allowing you to get in and start looting quickly, with the texture quality gradually increasing until it’s fully rendered at the highest quality.

The changes we made currently aren’t being liked by many of our X users. We plan to further optimize the rendering process so the higher quality textures can be rendered faster without dropping frames.


For scoping, PUBG now uses high detailed world data and less imposter data to improve visibility. Now, many objects will be seen in higher quality while scoping, which we hope many of our players will like. We intend to have further optimizations to reduce frame drops while scoping.

New Molotov Mechanics

Have you tried out the new Molotov mechanics? If you’re not quite sure what we’re talking about, check out the video below to get a recap of the new changes before you jump into the game to try them out!


Known Bugs

Unfortunately, a few bugs made their way onto live servers, but we’re aware of them and are investigating! If you’ve ran into any of these bugs, feel free to reach out to us with the below information. Videos are especially helpful in investigating these pesky bugs and getting rid of them once and for all!

  • Not being able to drive vehicles - Please specify the vehicle, controller type, wired controller (Y/N), and whether there is an extra controller connected/charging.
  • Sound related issues - We have logged a bug where double footsteps are heard when the enemy has bare feet. In addition, when encountering a sound related bug and submitting it to us, please provide a video of what was going on when it happened, especially when enemy footsteps are too quiet or aren’t heard at all.
  • Loot boxes disappearing - Please specify which weapon to kill the enemy, location on the map, mode (solo/duo/squad), etc.

Please keep in mind that while we are focused on fixing many existing bugs in the game, the above issues are at the top of list (and we can probably all agree that they are some of the most annoying).

Headhunter Crate & Snipe City Event

Earlier this week, players reported receiving locked crates and weapon skins instead of the promised Headhunter Crate prizes. This was not intentional and happened due to the Snipe City Crate being added, which caused a conflict in our system with the Headhunter Crate. This resulted in receiving other items when opening the Headhunter Crate.

This issue has since been fixed, and players should now receive the correct items when opening the Headhunter Crate. For players who have received the wrong rewards, we plan to retrieve them and send out replacement Headhunter Crates. For those who were affected by this bug, we advise you not to swap incorrect rewards received for BP, as this makes it difficult to track which players were affected and then send out the correct rewards. Players who have already have swapped the wrong items with BP, please submit a ticket with our support team at

As for the Snipe City event, we have sent out the rewards to all eligible players, and you should by now have received the Snipe City Crate in your inventory!

We hope that everyone has been enjoying the new update so far. We’ve been looking at your comments in feedback threads and we’re thrilled to hear that many of our players are having a much smoother experience in terms of performance, frame rates, loading times, etc. We will keep a close eye on feedback across our channels, and we invite you to continue letting us know what you think can be improved.


The PUBG Xbox Team