AVANGAR took the lead after the first day of PGI Qualifier

The first day of LAN-finals at PGI CIS Qualifiers presented by Starladder has been brought to a successful conclusion. The TOP-3 lines are occupied by Natus Vincere, AVANGAR and forZe.

There have been five matches played today. The first clash was finished with a victory of M19, where BatulinS, being left 1 v 3 against the Na'Vi players single-handedly dealt with the opponents. But in the second game Natus Vincere managed to withstand all the enemies, reaching the so-desired first place. The third round was finished in favor of AVANGAR, while the fourth one was taken by forZe. And in the final one the upper hand was taken by LULeSports.

The standings at a close of the first day:

Origin: starladder.com