Xbox Community Event - Headhunter

Hello PUBG Xbox Community,

Everybody knows the old “spray and pray” tactic. See enemy, fire at enemy until they stop moving. For our first ever Xbox Community Event however, we’re challenging players to refine their aim and work together to achieve the ultimate shooter targeting goal. In a couple words? Boom, Headshot.

Event Period: June 20th 00:00 AM PDT / 09:00 AM CEST ~ June 27th 00:00 AM PDT / 09:00 AM CEST

What’s the Challenge?

We want to see our Community earn a collective 4,000,000 Headshots within a week. M24, Shotgun, Crossbow, the method is up to you, as long as the Community works together to achieve this grand goal!

How to participate?

Everyone who plays at least one round during the event period (and earns at least 1 BP) will be eligible for the prize, should the Community complete the task.

What’s the prize?


Every eligible participant will receive the Bloody Shirt & Fingerless Gloves cosmetic items!

You can track the community’s progression of the event goal with posts on June 22 and June 25, with the final results revealed on June 27.


PUBG Xbox Team