Brendan Greene's AMA request changed into another set of dev team chat

Yesterday one of the frustrated PUBG players created a reddit thread requesting AMA session with Brendan Greene himself. He was curious (as well as we are) if the game developers are actually aware of the current game state and what things they have been working on. Unfortunately no answers for now (Greene was more talkative back in autumn 2017 when the game began to skyrocket) but at least we have received some info by one of the PUBG community manager's about the devs current priorities.

It was just two weeks ago that we put out this long dev letter with tons of specific optimizations improvements we're working on.

We've already shipped some of them, and once we worked out the kinks (those sounds bugs) we've started to see some really positive improvements, especially on the experimental server. We'll be introducing more of that stuff from the experimental server to live servers soon.

There's still plenty specific changes left on that list from the dev letter to go through. I've been in touch with the dev team about all the additional performance improvements coming down the pipe, and I'm hoping to publish that information in another dev letter for you guys sometime later this week.

We're not happy with server performance either. The root problems are complicated but I think in order of priority for the team right now it's still:

  1. Server performance

  2. Optimization

  3. Anti-cheat

So expect to see more changes addressing it as soon as we can.

 Well now we know what to expect - another letter from the devs telling us the story how hard is fix their game with a several million dollar budget.