PlayerUnknown speaking about Battlegrounds development

PlayerUnknown on Battlegrounds' development: "I could leave the team now and the game would still be complete"

Since the release in march 2017 PUBG continues to accumulate more and more fans daily reaching new heights daily with its infinite potential as the game is still in early access. Since the release the were a lot of rumours regarding the future of the game. To clear some of the them Brendan "PlayerUnknown" Greene told about his past projects and the future of PUBG:

I never really coded, that’s the thing. With Arma 2 and Arma 3 BR, I coded a small bit, but a lot of it was libraries or scripts that were available. I’m not a big coder, and I wouldn’t touch the code in Battlegrounds. People tell me to fix the game. If I tried, I’d break the fucking game. I’m the visionary, I’m not the coder.

 In regards to Arma projects though he did some coding most of the job was done by the third-party programmers, he only shared his thoughts on how the principles of the game should look like.

I tend to trust the team, they’re doing great work. That’s why I feel like I could leave the team now and the game would still be complete. Which is fantastic, it’s great to know. I don’t want to leave the team now, because we still have lots to do. Just to clarify in case there’s a headline that I’m leaving the team, I’m not at all. But it’s great to have that, that I know the game is safe. They all have a shared vision here.

 This basically means that in the future we will get the Battle Royale we always wanted, bringing us tons of fun, joy and excitement we desire to have from such kind of the project.