Drainys complaints of the game optimization

One of the world's best team members Sviatoslav "Drainys" Komissarov ,the sniper from Natus Vincere, have complaint on the game performance that has been decreasing from patch to patch. He accused developers of spoiling the game from patch to patch. He hopes to see the real Battle Royale game in the near future that would be friendly for most users.

There never have been such low fps from the time people used to start a 100 people lobbies (on gll we had 64 people in lobby, not even 80). It's amusing how the new optimization updates from PUBG Corp. ruin the game more. I'm already a bit tired of this stuff, I really hope to see a battle royale game where you could play with comfort & where would be no need to run a round as a pink elephant and hit trees.

 Today the devs have deployed  #14 patch on live servers with some optimization improvements among other changes.