Aviator crate items available for sale next week

Recently we reported of devs postponing the selling of aviator crate items and now we they have clarified some of their decisions, all the details, as usual, in the official announce.

Hi everyone,

Many of you may be wondering why the Aviator Crate, which was released on May 16, is still unmarketable on Steam. Our current plan is to lift market restrictions on the Aviator Crate on June 13, 8pm PDT / June 14, 5am CEST / June 14, 12pm KST.

Previous crates (like the Equinox Crate) were unmarketable for a shorter amount of time, but we’ve seen this cause somewhat abusive behavior of the market system—especially in the form of jacked-up prices for rare items. We believe that implementing slightly longer market restriction times will help alleviate this issue.

Thanks for understanding! We’ll keep you updated as we continue to make improvements to our market rules and systems.

See you on the battlegrounds,
The PUBG dev team