Players received bans unfairly

Recently an interesting problem occurred - some of the users complained that they received a ban in the game while they didn't violate any of the rules. This is just a guess but it seems that the anticheat system started to give false ban to some users. Here is the comment of the community manager on one of these reddit posts:

Thanks for the post, Wood-e. I put together a spreadsheet with info (steam profile link and IGN) of about 40 players who reached out to me and shared that with our anti-cheat team. Unbans should be rolling out for most within 48 hours.

Still investigating what happened and obviously trying to figure out how to fix it for folks who aren't on Reddit. They were already aware of the problem before reddit threads started coming in but this stuff definitely helps.

UPDATE 5/28 9:58pm PDT - I'm not going to take any more names for now. The challenge with doing anything resembling an open ban appeal is that people who've been banned both for good and bad reasons come totally out of the woodwork and you can't tell the difference... that being said, I've passed on the names of every person who messaged me up until this point. Even if I didn't get your ID down, know that the team is doing manual checks and rolling out unbans for anyone banned unjustly.

 We hope this thing won't become a trend because with the recent news looks like PUBG Corp would have to spread their resources.