Vega parts with ENINOEL

The series of rotations on the CIS scene continues as Vega Squadron announce they are parting their ways with ENINOEL, who has been the part of the team since its establishment as Grachi half a year ago. We should remind you as well that in the recent interview Vega CEO Alexey Kondakov declared his team is the beast of all Russian squads, well here is the official announce:

Our PUBG team is experiencing first changes after Grachi have been signed.

Our PUBG team is already something more than 4 talented players aiming for victories as the game was becoming popular. Our squad took part in the highest divisions of all the major international leagues and surprised it's fans on CIS events - be it in pairs or as a 4-man team.

With an update to the game and new balance fixes the strongest squads of the region will have to think of new strategies one of the first. Our players were one of the few to recover after a series of defeats and display decent results afterwards. Unfortunately, some problems still remain unsolved and Vega Squadron management decided to put Mihail "ENINOEL" Prudnikov out of the roster.

Team manager, Nadezhda «PrincessFiona» Penzenik:

«Today we're saying goodbye to ENINOEL that stood at the origins of the team. Misha is an amazing person as well as a player - it's always great to work and chill with, but unfortunately PUBG scene is constantly improving together with strategies and tactics. Sometimes we have to adjust to the new tempo, fix the problems and grow together. Sometimes it can cause problems. Misha had a huge impact on the improvement of the team and I'm sure that thanks to the experience he gathered we'll meet again on the battlegrounds».

 Though one of the best teams in the region AVANGAR is down to 3 players at the moment it is highly doubtable that ENINOEL would join them.