Flare gun goes to live servers till the end of the weekend

We have already mentioned a few times the flare gun (and even posted a guide on it) and now it has been officialy introduced to the players:

Hello everyone!

Last week we tested the Event Mode for the first time and were happy to see that so many of you enjoyed the new system. This week we’re mixing things up again and adding the Flare Gun to the loot table.

Flare Gun
Flare Gun is a special weapon that can be used to call in a care package to your location. Just aim it up, fire the flare and the airplane will drop a superior care package on that location. Only a limited number of Flare Guns will spawn in small single-story houses throughout the map (at this time only in Event Mode), but finding one is going to be worth your time!
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Please check below for more details!

  • Event mode starts: Mar 29 7PM PDT / Mar 30 4AM CEST / Mar 30 11AM KST
  • Event mode ends: Apr 1 7PM PDT / Apr 2 4AM CEST / Apr 2 11AM KST

Main contents of the Event Mode this week
  1. TPP mode on Miramar
  2. Up to 4 players in a team
  3. Flare Gun

Notes on the Flare Gun
  1. To use the Flare Gun, you must aim it vertically, towards the sky
  2. The flare must reach an altitude of 200 meters to call the plane
  3. The special care package called by the Flare Gun will contain:
    • Two care package weapons (100% chance)
    • Level 3 armor (100% chance)
    • Normal care package supplies

Please check out our FAQ if you would like to know more about the Event Mode. [LINK][forums.playbattlegrounds.com]

As we are still in an early phase of iteration of the Flare Gun and the surrounding gameplay, we are looking forward to your feedback!
Thank you.
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