Tornado Energy sign KataNa Team

More and more teams are being signed, some of the acquire new homes under powerhouse names such as Team Secret, and some aren't that lucky and don't get sponsorship of such renowned clubs. But who knows - the current FaZe Clan line-up also started by signing by not so known Gorilla Core team tag and managed to make it straight to the top with their hard work and dedication.

The Russian squad formerly known as KataNa Team has been signed by Tornado Energy with the management support of Vaevictis gaming. Guys are currently participating in GLL league showing some mediocre perofmarnce but still have chances to participate on lan finals in Bucharest.

Tornado Energy line-up:

Mikhail "azverin" Naumenko
Ilya "XTeam" Monin
Sergey "Camca" Sartanov
Artem "t0q" Bygaev