Alliance, Team Liquid and NiP change rosters before IEM

A few hours remaining before the qualifiers for the main event for upcoming IEM Katowice lan. Before that event some of the top european and american teams decided to swap rosters in order to compete with qualified teams for the slot in the tournament.

The first team to change their roster was Team Liquid:

After holding open tryouts over the holiday season, we've finalized our lineup for the upcoming Auzom Premier League Season 2 and beyond. Keiron "Scoom" Prescott returns as our team captain, and he will be joined by Jim Gunnar "Jeemzz" Eliassen, Samu "Sambty" Kauppinen, and Jord "Ibiza" van Geldere.
I joined Liquid back in August 2017, and being part of Team Liquid has been amazing. The org is super supportive and encouraging, wanting just the best for the players and pushing us to succeed in this game. I feel extremely excited about the future of this team. With Ibiza, Jeemzz & Sambty joining, we might have one of the strongest rosters on an individual level. The guys were star players from their previous teams which they also had a lot of success with. So I feel super confident that with this roster we are gonna take PUBG by storm.
Keiron "Scoom" Prescott

Jim Gunnar "Jeemzz" Eliassen
Jeemzz is an AK-wielding entry-fragger who has spent time atop the EU leaderboards. He joins us as a brief stint on PENTA, and despite being fairly new to professional gaming, Jeemzz has an outstanding history in the games he has played. He showed immediate promise in PUBG, scoring 8 kills in his very first match. Aggressive yet versatile, the only thing that can stop him is sharks — a fear that causes him to avoid taking a swim, even in-game!
"Really looking forward to joining Team Liquid, and I'm really happy to get the offer to do so. This is a really talented line-up that could become the best PUBG team in the world."

Samu "Sambty" Kauppinen
In the support role, Sambty's calculated play holds the team together. With a knack for competitive gaming that once led him to Challenger ranking in League of Legends, the Finnish pro already touts a successful history in professional PUBG. Most recently, during his time on Tempo Storm, Sambty and his team placed second at IEM Oakland. Despite this success, Sambty wants to achieve even greater things with his new team.
"I am really excited to play for Team Liquid! I think we are going to do well since we have one of the best rosters in the world.

Jord "Ibiza" van Geldere
Formerly of Kinguin, Ibiza is a fragger that balances out Jeemzz' aggression and Sambty's methodical play. The M4 expert has been dedicated to PUBG since early access, and he has made a name for himself as one of Europe's best players since breaking out onto the scene. Make sure to follow him on Twitch as he streams his exploits daily.
"It's a sick opportunity and I feel really strong about the team."

We would like to express our gratitude to Hayz, Molnman and Ollywood for representing Team Liquid in PUBG's debut as an esport. Hayz and Ollywood have found new homes, while Molnman is open to offers.

  The second team to change their lineup is NiP:

In mid October, Ninjas in Pyjamas ventured in to competitive PU:BG with a brand new half European, half North American roster. We welcomed Borg, Ekkz, Sweaterr and Crunch to the NiP family with the intention of becoming a world-class, championship winning team. In order to do so, the team has decided to relocate to Scandinavian soil and with that comes a change in the line-up.

Therefore, we have to say goodbye to Adam Jeremiah “Crunch” Escobedo. We thank you for all the good times and wish you the best in your new team. Taking his place will be none other than Oliver “Ollywood” Tell, who will begin practising with the team effective immediately. Oliver has previously played for Team Liquid, and joins Ninjas in Pyjamas through a player transfer between our organizations.

Welcome, Oliver! We’re sure you’ll suit perfectly in to our current line-up. We are looking forward to seeing you play in future tournaments.

 And the last but not the least is The Alliance:

Gothenburg, Sweden – January 25th 2018 – Alliance is pleased to announce the addition of Maximilian “MeToR” Lion and Jeff “Feverish” Langvad to the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds roster. Together with existing members Valur “veazyy” Pálsson and Michael “Ciggzy” Higgs the roster is now complete once again after we announced changes in late December.

Maximillian is from Austria and has previously played in Faze which at that time was widely considered one of the top EU teams in PUBG. In agreement with Faze he has been transferred to Alliance and we would like to thank Faze’s management for their professional handling of this process. Maximilian will act as the new captain and in-game leader of the new squad and will organize their practice. The second new member, Jeff, is from Denmark and will fill the role of support sniper.

Michael had the following words about the new members:

“With MeToR coming in as the new in game leader I feel more confident in the team and as a player. He brings a lot of structure and organisation to the team which is what we needed. Feverish is a dedicated and talented up and coming player who I think with a bit more competitive experience will be a top player within the scene. With this new lineup I believe we can achieve much greater heights and I can’t wait to start playing officials again!”

The new team has been intensely practicing together for the last couple of days and will make their official competitive debut as a team during the qualifiers for IEM Katowice this coming weekend. Make sure to tune in to the stream and wish Maximilian and Jeff welcome to Alliance!

 To see how the changes work we will be able already this Sunday.