HBAO+ presented in the Shadowplay update

With the new shadowplay update a new technology integrated into PUBG

Today’s new PUBG patch also sees the introduction of HBAO+, the industry’s leading platform-agnostic ambient occlusion technique. With this fidelity-enhancing tech all PUBG players will now see richer, more realistic shadowing where two surfaces or objects meet, and where an object blocks light from reaching another nearby game element. Every building, room, open field and object in Erangel will benefit, with the improvements being immediately evident.

 It is very pleasant to see all the game industry leaders getting involved into indepth partnership with Bluehole, Inc. trying to achieve a high standart gaming experience for everyone.

The integrations of these two new technologies mark the first steps in a new collaboration that will maximize the performance benefits of NVIDIA GeForce GTX GPUs for players of the incredibly-popular multiplayer shooter.

All of NVIDIA’s development resources have been made available to Bluehole Inc., including NVIDIA’s effects libraries, developer tools, research papers, source code samples, and more.

 This basically means that we will possibly see more new cool features from the flahship of the graphics industry and we will definetly see a high level optimization for all supported GPUs.

Dont forget to turn it on by switching post processing to anything but very low in game settings.

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