Gaimin Gladiators release their roster after two months in the discipline

Gaimin Gladiators, the leading esport organization, announced the disbandment of its current roster for PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS. Club sources have announced that a full official statement would clarify the matter and confirmed that it was the end of an era for the team formed at the beginning of the year.

Consisting of some of the best talents in the PUBG esports circuit, this group had a four-man team that focused on skill and aggressive play. Added to the January list, Gaimin Gladiators formed a roster with Ivan "ubah" Kapustin, Alexander "alya" Pirogov, Konstantin "Mellman" Levkin, and Lev4nate from Pod Samolet.

Dear GG Crowd, We have decided to take a step back from competitive PUBG. This decision was by no means an easy one to make. It comes after evaluating our goals, strengths, and the changing esports landscape. We want to thank our GLADIATORS for stepping into the ARENA. While this marks the end of our PUBG journey, rest assured it's not the end for GG. As always, thank you for rooting for us.

The breaking of the team will be a great shock to all, considering the team had a myriad of skilled athletes. Ivan "ubah" Kapustin is a player followed by a decent number of fans and known for excellent skills that were expected to bring much promise to the side of the Gaimin Gladiators in the competitive PUBG landscape. Lev4nate, although less known, had also proven to be a valuable asset to the team with his performances.

The announcement sparked conversation across the esporting community about the fate of the players and the fallout for PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS esports. Now that these talented players are available for hire, all eyes will be on where these considerable skills end up next.

One only has to look towards the Gaimin Gladiators' action in making the choice to let their PUBG roster dissolve this week. The team's exit from the Gaimin Gladiators marks a close to a chapter of the organization in PUBG esports, but at the same time, it is a new dawn for new opportunities for the players and teams moving forward in the esports arena.