Dataminer reveals details about new Fantasy Battle Royale

Dataminer sapphics shared details about the updated version of Fantasy Battle Royale mode. The mode itself, as he predicts, will become available in a 3 week time. The rumours about a possible return of Fantasy BR appeared a few days ago.

Gameplay-wise, the mode seems to be quite similar to the original Fantasy BR. Players pick one of four classes, each with their own abilities and weapons, then collect materials corresponding to their class which they can use to craft upgrades for their gear and weapons.

Other than the superficial changes for the Halloween theme, notable changes include: • Classes now each have two primary weapons instead of just one. • Care packages are now locked chests that must be damaged to be opened. The four classes are as follows:

Cleric (replaces Paladin): "A versatile defender who protects and heals their allies. Weave between damage and support to heal allies from range with the Triage Shotgun and Vitality Bombs, distribute First-Aid Kits, and attack/debuff enemies."

Ranger: "Snipe down your enemies from range or enter stealth and go in for the sneak attack kill. Slow down enemies using your Flash Grenades and Snare Traps to set them up for heavy damage."

Executioner (replaces Barbarian): "Quickly chase down your enemies with the fast-swinging Axe or pull them in using the Halberd's long reach. Stop fleeing enemies in their tracks with a well-aimed Stun Ball while keeping yourself fast and in the fight with Liquid Courage."

Pyromancer (replaces Wizard): "Volley heavy fire using the Hellfire Cannon or assault groups of enemies with your Fireball. Trap your enemy with well placed Firewalls and seal their doom with a high-damage Meteor Shower."

Loading screen tips:

• "The Cleric protects their allies with the Shield of Light while causing damage over time to enemies struck by the Mace of Suffering."

• "Heal allies from range and debuff enemies to take increased damage by utilizing the Cleric's Triage Shotgun."

• "The Ranger's Fatal Crossbow inflicts heavy damage from range."

• "Attacking enemies from behind and from stealth grants high damage bonuses to the Ranger."

• "The Executioner's Axe of Swiftness grants them increased movement speed for a short time."

• "Pull your enemies to their doom with the long reach of the Executioner's Halberd of Restraint."

• "The Pyromancer's Fireball spell deals high damage to all enemies in its impact zone."

• "The relentless assault of the Pyromancer's Hellfire Cannon will make your enemies scatter."

• "Treasure Chests dropped from the Ghost Ship do not open easily, but contain valuable items and grant players temporary invulnerability."

Minimap (modified version of FBR's):