PUBG Fantasy Battle Royale may return in the future

The developers of PUBG: Battlegrounds may return to the Fantasy Battle Royale event to the game. It was held last year in honour of April Fools Day last year. This was reported by dataminer PlayerIGN.

Basic Rules

  • Fantasy BR takes place on the Dragon’s Isle (Erangel)
  • TPP only, 20 Squads of 4 (maximum of 80 players per match)
  • Fantasy BR does not support 1 man or 3 man squad but will automatically find suitable companions for you
  • Friendly fire is disabled (unless we’re talking the mendingstar and heal bomb, which are the friendliest fire of all)
  • Fantasy BR does not grant XP rewards but BP is earned based on your total gameplay time
  • Fantasy BR matches don’t count towards the Survivor Pass. However, there are separate Fantasy BR exclusive missions
    • Complete Fantasy BR exclusive missions to earn special Fantasy BR mode rewards
    • Please refer to the ‘Fantasy Battle Royale Exclusive Systems’ section for more details