PUBG dev comment on the patch changes.

Just before the last moment the PUBG dev team has decided to make some minor changes to the latest update excluding the live marker functional, here's what they said about it:

Hi everyone,

Last week on our test servers, we implemented a change to the marker system, which allowed players to easily place a 3D marker without opening the map. Our intention for this change was to make marking easier while supplementing call-outs and communication during fights.

Our team had lengthy discussions regarding this system, including how it affected gunplay, and we came to the conclusion that the new system needs some more tuning before it is ready for live servers. Because of this, we have removed 3D markers from the test servers and they will not be included in PC 1.0 Update #19. We are going to make some adjustments to the marker system to minimize its effect on gunplay and will be putting a revised version back on the test servers soon for another round of testing and feedback.

The test server exists specifically for this reason, so that we can squash bugs and hear your early feedback on new features to the game, so a big thanks to everyone who posted their thoughts on this new system. We look forward to hearing what you think of our revisions once the updated version rolls around.

Thanks guys :)