WackyJacky101 suggested weapon adjustments for the game

WackyJacky101, a well-known content maker in the PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS community, has revealed what changes he would make to the balance of weapons in the game.

If I could drop a weapon balance patch for PUBG tomorrow I would:

  •  Reduce 1-shot Lv2 helmet range of Dragunov to 75m (down from 105)
  •  Make sniper rifles minimum dmg 51-53 (so snipers guarantee kill on 2 hits)
  •  Buff the scar by 2 dmg (same as current Beryl, still lower RoF though but easier recoil and faster bullet velocity, imo interesting)
  •  Give the Deagle lv2 helmet one shot dmg up to 40m (inspired by Dragunov mechanic) 
  •  Increase DBS damage fall-off by 25% thus making it less powerful over distance.

…Anything you want to add?