PUBG Care Package - Additional Q&A

PUBG Studios' Director of In-Game Operations Taehyun Kim answered questions about the temporary disabling of tactical gear in the game, the Dragunov change, the AUG update, and more.

Q. Are there plans to either rebalance or entirely remove Tactical Gear?

A. We initially designed Tactical Gear with the hope that players could experience team play in a richer and more varied manner. Particularly, we aimed for newcomers to the battlegrounds to feel encouraged, enabling them to contribute effectively to their teams and enjoy the gameplay experience even more.

While many players enjoyed Tactical Gear, innovatively integrating it into their gameplay strategies, we also received feedback suggesting it altered the core essence of PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS. Several new players felt the game became more challenging with the introduction of these equipment.

Given this feedback, we've decided to temporarily deactivate Tactical Gear for Update 25.2, with plans for a potential reintroduction in a future patch.

During the Tactical Gear's deactivation period, we'll be re-evaluating the role and functionality of Tactical Gear from the ground up. We aim to integrate your feedback so it complements the game's core mechanics while enhancing your overall gameplay experience.

Q: Since the AUG received some readjustments, is there a possibility that the M416 will receive an upgrade?

A. At the moment, we have no plans to improve other ARs. This decision aims to maintain the time-to-kill (TTK) within a certain range, ensuring the fundamental gameplay of PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS remains consistent and doesn't become overly challenging for new players.

Q. Players continue to have unpleasant experiences with cheaters. Is there anything you can share about PUBG's anti-cheat measures?

A. We are aware that many players are experiencing inconveniences due to illegal software and cheaters. We would like to assure you that our Anti-Cheat Team are diligently working to address these concerns.

While we continue to impose penalties on cheaters, we acknowledge that the effectiveness of such measures might not be immediately evident to players who have already endured undesirable encounters. Recognizing this, we acknowledge the necessity for preemptive measures to forestall the usage of illegal software and are working hard to improve our measures.

However, the situation resembles an unceasing battle, where the developers of illegal software often outpace our efforts to counter them. Players have also inquired about hardware bans; hardware bans have been implemented indeed, but we have observed instances where cheaters manage to circumvent them. Our Anti-Cheat Team is tenaciously working to block these circumvention tactics, marking a continuous battle.

There is even a rumor that we collaborate with developers of illegal software, which is absolutely not true. As individuals committed to the long-term success of PUBG, we know better than anyone the detrimental impact illegal software has on our game. We want to assure you that none of these rumors should be given credence.

We are acutely aware that you seek stronger protection against illegal software and still suffer from unpleasant encounters with cheaters. We would like to guarantee you that we are working hard to improve this, and we are devoted to enhancing your overall gaming experience to the greatest extent possible.

Q. Many players have expressed concerns about unjust temporary bans issued by the Anti-Cheat team. Are there any plans to enhance this process?

A. We are actively engaging in discussions with the Anti-Cheat team to explore avenues for refining the temporary ban procedures. While specific details are not available at this moment, our aim is to optimize the temporary ban process to minimize the likelihood of legitimate players being wrongfully banned.

Q. There have been instances where players unexpectedly die while attempting to equip Special Vehicle Skins. Is the PUBG Team aware of this issue?

A. We are aware of several bugs that occur when attempting to equip Special Vehicle Skins and are actively working to fix them.

Q. Are you aware of the following Zipline-related issues: occasionally being unable to aim over the shoulder while using the Zipline and experiencing instant death when colliding with Drones?

A. We were aware of these issues during the developmental phase, but to be honest we initially perceived these issues as rare occurrences, assuming they wouldn't happen frequently. However, we've observed a significant number of players encountering these issues. It is one of our top priorities to resolve them.

Q. Could you shed light on the reason behind introducing the Sandstorm and Blizzard Zone?

A. While we understand that these features can spark debate, at the end of the day, winning or losing in PUBG is all about the decisions players make in various scenarios. The PUBG Team aspired to craft a dynamic world replete with diverse environments and variables, fostering the emergence of various strategies across different situations. We didn't introduce them to make the game more frustrating - we don't plan to remove the Sandstorm and Blizzard Zone, but we are considering to adjust the frequency of their occurrence, particularly in the later stages of the game.

Q. Players have requested adjustments of Shotguns, what are your thoughts on this?

A. Shotguns are frequently used in the early stages and, surprisingly, in the later stages as well. Shotguns are intentionally designed to be powerful at close range combat. However, we've noticed that beyond a certain distance their damage seems to be higher than intended, so we are investigating whether this is a bug. We are also looking at adjusting the damage of Shotguns over distance.

Q. While we appreciate the innovative concept behind the Thermal 4x Scope, I believe it rivals the power and efficiency of Spotter Scopes. Are there any plans to refine its functionality?

A. The Thermal 4x Scope, designed to detect heat, strikes a balance between gameplay and realism. We're aware of its pronounced impact on gameplay, but rather than eliminating it, we're exploring a range of enhancements, from adjusting the spawn rate to revisiting its spawn methods and other potential modifications.

Q. What's your thought on the balance of SMGs?

A. The dev team views the SMG as a weapon that might not be exceptionally dominant or intuitive to use. Nonetheless, it's undoubtedly suited for close-quarters combat. Instead of simply tweaking balance, we aim to accentuate the distinct characteristics and advantages of SMGs.

Q. The Ranked rewards, with a few exceptions, are reclaimed at a season's end. Are there any plans to improve this system?

A. Back in March, during our 6th anniversary roadmap announcement we committed to refining Ranked rewards this year. We're currently exploring various approaches, but while our preliminary decision is to enhance the rewards, we want to ensure that the enhancements resonate with our players. We apologize for the delay, and aim to share positive updates before the latter half of the upcoming year.

Q. There is usually a notable skill gap among players during Ranked matchmaking. Are there initiatives in place to improve this?

A. The intricacies of matchmaking are undeniable. Balancing a diverse set of maps with the need to incorporate a vast number of players, all while differentiating by MMR is indeed a challenge. A broad matching pool is essential to achieve this seamlessly, but it's not always feasible.

For Ranked, the expectation is clear: players should be matched with others of similar skill. We're aware that the reality sometimes falls short of this ideal. And while we're earnestly exploring solutions, a definitive solution remains a work in progress.

That said, we believe that minimizing wait times is very important. While it's vital to strive for balanced matches, ensuring players can actually play a match without excessive waiting time comes first. We hope that players understand this decision, even if it may lead to less optimal matchups. But of course, our dedication to refining the system is ongoing, and we are actively seeking enhancements.

Q. Each region seems to have distinct map preferences; is there a dedicated protocol for map rotations based on these preferences?

A. Indeed, in PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS, the vast array of maps coupled with the potential for up to 100 players in a single match demands a meticulous approach to the matchmaking environment.

Due to the number of various maps, the matchmaking pool is segmented. While some regions that have a robust matchmaking pool might not face challenges, others with a limited pool can experience inefficiencies when all maps are to be available. Consequently, we've implemented a system that circulates five maps during a certain period.

Recognizing our global audience, we acknowledge the varying map preferences across regions. We're actively deliberating on regional parameter solutions, such as having preferred maps fixed for specific regions, etc.

Q. Are there plans to introduce Clan tournaments?

A. Undoubtedly appealing, but due to our distinctive Battle Royale genre, especially with our unique rules and participant dynamics, it requires careful consideration when conceptualizing a PUBG-specific tournament.

Q. We're interested in the status of the transition to a new game engine. Any updates?

A. We're diligently working towards this transition, but it's premature to divulge specific advancements right now. What I can currently share is that our steadfast commitment to the new engine has led us to reinforce our team and resources.

Q. Are there plans to add new creatures tailored to the unique feel of each map, like the bears in Vikendi?

A. From my perspective as the in-game unit director, I'm genuinely interested in such additions. Yet, while incorporating diverse elements can enrich the gameplay experience, there are certain aspects we must approach cautiously - the game environment has its distinct role and identity. It's difficult to confirm such additions at this moment, but we are giving it careful consideration. Feedback and ideas from our player community will always be valued and taken into account.

Q. After the first recent live stream, are there plans for subsequent sessions like EP.2?

A. Definitely, given our recent broadcast was titled EP.1, it indicates our intention to continue with sessions such as EP.2, EP.3, and so forth.

Q. How often do you envision hosting PUBG Care Package streams?

A. Our aspiration is to host discussions about in-game topics at least once every quarter. Moreover, we're open to organizing additional sessions when specific situations warrant it. While the regularity of these discussions is important, I believe the chosen topics hold even greater significance. We will ensure we prepare even more diverse topics and initiate these sessions in a timely manner.