NEW STATE MOBILE: 2023-08-24 Patch Notes

Hello, Survivors!

The August update comes with a new Lab mode, new gun customizations and more.

For details, check out patch notes below!


  • Expansion of Northern AKINTA Region
    • AKINTA's battle grounds have been expanded to include the previously unreachable northern area.
      • The Temple, where ruins are excavated, and the Canal have been added.
        • The ruins at the Temple spawn special items and supply weapons.
    • AKINTA's session balance has been partially adjusted.
      • The size of the first blue zone has slightly increased, and the duration until the blue zone shrinks has increased.
      • The first blue zone will spawn more randomly than before.

New Mode Added

  • New mode added - Human vs AI
    • Human vs AI is a Battle Royale where you must survive against powerful AI opponents in AKINTA.
    • The general rules for the original AKINTA Battle Royale mode will apply.
      • Your objective is to be the last one standing.
      • The blue zone and item spawn balance will remain unchanged.
    • The AI will become stronger as the game progresses.
      • The AI's weapons will be enhanced.
      • The AI will take increasingly diverse actions during engagements.
      • The costumes will change depending on how strong the AI has become.
    • Only 1 squad can participate.
    • You can obtain more BP through the Human vs AI mode than regular Battle Royale modes.

New Gun Customizations

  • SL8 C2 Customization: Savage Barrel
    • The second customization for the SL8, a savage barrel, is here.
      • Once applied, the barrel cannot be removed, and provides the following effects.
        • + Full-auto mode available
        • + Flash suppression
        • - Reduced vertical recoil control
        • - Muzzle slot unavailable

Ace League/Weekly League

  • Ace League Schedule
    • The preliminary round will be held for two hours every day, from September 9, 2023 till September 15, 2023. The main round will be held for two hours every day, from September 16, 2023 till September 17, 2023.
    • To participate in the preliminary round of the Ace League, you need to have 3000 (Diamond V) tier points or more, and you need to have 3000 (Diamond V) tier points or more and a Main Round Participation Ticket to participate in the main round.
      • You will be able to participate as long as you meet the tier point requirement based on either Perspective (TPP, FPP), or either Party (SOLO, SQUAD).
    • The Weekly League will not be available from September 9 to September 17 due to the Ace League.
    • The Weekly League will reopen on September 23 after the Ace League ends.
  • Ace League/Weekly League Balance Changes
    • The amount of Drone Credits spawned in the Ace League/Weekly League has been slightly increased.
  • Prestige Shop

  • Prestige Shop Location Change
    • The Prestige Shop has moved from the Play Info window to the Shop window.


  • The new Survivor Pass Vol.22 begins.
    • The protagonist of Survivor Pass Vol.22 is "Dante" of Dreamrunner.
    • Achieve a certain pass level to get a free character!
    • You can get the “Dante" costume set by upgrading to the Premium Pass. Purchase a Premium+ Pass to immediately acquire more rewards.
    • If you upgrade to Legacy Pass, the ‘Steampunk Dame Set’ will be available again.
    • If you purchase the Premium Pass and reach a certain pass level, you will be refunded all of the NC spent on the Pass.

Crash Related

  • [Crash] Fixed an issue where the client would crash when touching a certain costume in the Lab.
  • [Crash] Fixed an issue where the application would crash when selecting a certain costume in the Outfit Lab.

Gameplay Related

  • [Vehicle] Fixed an issue where the vehicle lights would turn on after equipping a colorshift vehicle and tapping the break button.
  • [Vehicle] Fixed an issue where all vehicles' headlights wouldn't show.
  • [Vehicle] [Upgrade] Fixed an issue where the Star of the Savior - Nova skin booster effect would not be visible to other players.
  • [Vehicle] Fixed an issue where the paint would change to white when entering the Dacia.
  • [Vehicle] [Effect] Fixed an issue where, under certain situations, the damage effect and sound effects displayed when firing at the REX vehicle would be those for stone textures and not metallic textures.
  • [Parachute][Emote] Fixed an issue where the Parachute Emote effect was incorrectly displayed when free-falling while having equipped the Ghost Pirates Torso Lv.3.
  • [Parachute] [Upgrade Outfit] Fixed an issue where the Parachute effect would appear when parachuting after being revived via Green Flare.
  • [Skin] Fixed an issue where the texture for the Chunkiest Pumpkin Monster Backpack Lv.3 would not display.
  • [Troi] Fixed an issue where there was a gap in the terrain on the left side of the bridge north of the City Hall.
  • [Spectating] Fixed an issue where the Exit button would not activate while spectating.