Midsummer Check-in Event

Prepare for an extraordinary surprise - we've revamped our Special Drops "Midsummer Check-in Event" and it's back with a new look and bigger rewards!  And guess what? This time around the rewards include 2000 G-COIN! But the excitement doesn't stop there.

Get on that log-in streak, and you'll be rewarded with sleek-looking Cyber Rabbit skins for you to suit up and dominate the battlegrounds with style. So are you ready for the action? See you on the Battlegrounds!

Event Mission

Daily / Consecutive Login event

Event Schedule


UTC: July 22, 2023, 7:00 AM - August 20, 2023, 7:00 AM

Event Rewards

Basic log-in rewards

  • 100 G-COIN (30 Days) x12 
  • 200 G-COIN (30 Days) x1 
  • Hunter's Chest x2
  • Key x1
  • Credit x100
  • 5000 BP
  • Cyber Rabbit Gloves (Day 10)
  • Cyber Rabbit Mask (Day 15) 
  • Neon Rabbit Ears (Day 20)

Consecutive log-in rewards

  • Contraband Coupon x20 
  • 600 G-COIN (30 Days) x1 

*To check all the Event rewards please make sure to use the in-game UI button shown below.