New Mode: Bluebomb Rush

Are you ready for an electrifying experience? Today, we are excited to finally unveil Bluebomb Rush, a new game mode that steps beyond traditional Battle Royale. Embark on strategic 6v6 team battles on our brand new Bluebomb Rush exclusive map - Riviera, where your path to victory relies on your skillful use of the Blue Zone Generator.  It's a totally new way to enjoy PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS so get ready for a truly unique experience!

Basic Info

  • Brand New Map:Riviera 
  • Perspective: FPP only 
  • Total Players: 12 
    • 6v6 with players divided into 2 teams.
  • Matching: Solo or Premade squads up to 6 players.    
  • Rounds: Maximum of 12 rounds. The first team to get to 7 round wins. 
    • 2 Bonus rounds in case of a draw.
    • Round time: 2 mins 30 secs.
  • Mid-Game Join System
    • Players can join an ongoing Bluebomb Rush session if one or more participants leave the match.
    • This system is only available during the first 3 rounds of a match. 
  • Bluebomb Rush mode is playable through Arcade.  
  • Bots are not available in this mode.

General flow

In Bluebomb Rush, players are divided into two teams:

  1. The Attacking Team, whose objective is to install the Blue Zone Generator within the round time and defend it until it detonates. 
  2. The Defending Team, whose objective is to prevent the attacking team from planting the Blue Zone Generator within the round time or to dismantle it once installed.
  3. At the start of the seventh round, teams will be switched (Offense ↔ Defense).

The Blue Zone Generator

  • Every member of the Attacking Team starts with the Blue Zone Generator in their inventory. 
  • Every member of the Defending Team starts with a Dismantle Kit in their possession.
  • The Blue Zone Generator can be installed in one of the two designated sites A or B.
  • The Defending Team can dismantle the Blue Zone Generator with a Dismantle Kit.
  • The Blue Zone Generator extends the round's duration and explodes a while after installation. 
    • Upon installing a Blue Zone Generator, the round concludes within 60 seconds regardless of the remaining round time, with the generator detonating if not disarmed within this timeframe.
    • The explosion of a Blue Zone Generator brings instant death to players within its effective range.

Winning the Round

  • The Attacking Teamsecures the round in one of the cases below.
    • Attacking Team successfully installed and defended Blue Zone Generator until it detonates.
    • Attacking Team defeated all of the opposing team's players. 
  • The Defending Teamwins by following one of the rules below. 
    • The round time ended without the Blue Zone Generator being installed. 
    • The Blue Zone Generator was dismantled before its explosion.
    • All of the opposite team's players were defeated
      • In cases where the Blue Zone Generator is already installed, even if all players of the attacking team are eliminated, the defending team must successfully dismantle the Blue Zone Generator in order to win the round. 

Seizing Match Victory

  • The team that wins 7 rounds first, wins the match.
  • If a winner is not determined after 12 rounds, and the score is tied at 6:6, 2 additional Bonus Rounds will be played where:
    • Bonus Rounds include one round as the attacking team and one round as the defending team.
    • In the first Bonus Round, your team will retain the same role (attack/defense) as in the first round of the game.
    • Each time a Bonus Round begins, all items and coins that players had in possession are reset, and 7000 coins are distributed.
  • In case of a draw event after the Bonus Rounds, the game's outcome will be decided based on the following: 
    • The team with the highest number of installation score wins.
    • If the installation score is the same, the team with the most kills wins.
    • If both are equal, the game is declared a draw.


Before each round begins, players will have access to a specialized store where they can spend their Coins on weapons, armor, and various gear. Remember, your choices here can tip the scales in your team’s favor, so choose wisely!

  • The shop will be displayed automatically before each round starts. 
    • If you closed the shop, simply press the ',' (comma)key to reopen it.
  • The shop can be used by players to purchase various weapons and items in the first 30 seconds of each round. 
    • The currency in the shop is Coins, which can be obtained by defeating enemies, winning rounds, and other activities. 
    • At the start of the game, each player is given 1000 coins.
    • In the 7th round, when the teams switch roles, all previously held items and coins are reset, and players are given 1000 coins.
  • Weapons purchased come with preset attachments.
    • Some of the attachments can be replaced by accessing an attachment box located in your starting location. 
  • Any items retained from a previous round will stay with the player, provided they didn't die in that round.
  • If a player purchased a weapon while previously holding one, the old weapon will be dropped on the ground and can be picked by other players. 

Share the Wealth: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

Got some extra coins? Be a team player and share with your comrades in arms! Through the store interface, you can donate Coins to your teammates, making sure everyone is well-equipped for the challenges ahead. Also, if you're short on Coins, don't hesitate to request some from your fellow teammates.

*The donation function is not available in the first round.

Additional info

Item Balance 

  • SRs deal more damage in this mode.
  • SMGs deal less damage in this mode. 
  • New item: Mini smoke grenade, which has a shorter duration and a smaller radius compared to the original.
  • Items can also be picked up from fallen players' loot crates, just like in the original Battle Royale mode. 


  • The footstep sound volume has been modified:

    • Walking: Footstep sound has been completely removed. 
    • Running & Sprinting: Sound has been slightly reduced.
  • The audible range of sound has been adjusted:

    • All character-generated sounds have their range reduced by approximately 50%.


In the Bluebomb Rush, not all hope is lost when your teammates get knocked out - you can bring them back into the action! But remember, always keep an eye out for the enemy while doing so!

  • If a character's health reaches 0, the character will be knocked down.
  • A knocked down player can be revived by their teammates, which takes approximately 8 seconds.
  • Players who get knocked down steadily lose health, and if not revived within 20 seconds, get eliminated from the round.

Spectate Feature

Even after being eliminated during the round, stay in the game with the Spectate feature! Observe, strategize, and support your team to victory.

Custom Matches

Custom Matches are available for Bluebomb Rush so you can play with anyone you like, anytime you like!

Notes When Playing in Arcade

  • Arcade gameplay does not provide XP or gameplay rewards.
  • Arcade gameplay will not be reflected on the Career page.
  • Arcade gameplay will not be reflected in your Match History.
  • Arcade gameplay does not support replays.

'Blue Bomb Activated!' Mission Event

To amp up the excitement even further, we have prepared a series of missions for you to conquer, along with some enticing rewards!

Each match will bring you closer to mastering this new mode and getting various bounties on top!

Event Missions

Bluebomb Rush mode missions:

  • Play 5 matches
  • Play 10 matches
  • Get 10 total kills or assists 
  • Get 20 total kills or assists 
  • Install Bluezone Generator 1 time
  • Dismantle Bluezone Generator 1 time
  • Purchase 100 total items
  • Donate 10 times

Event Rewards

  • Supply Loot Cache x10
  • Contraband Coupon x20
  • Hunter's Chest x1
  • Key Fragment x3
  • Bluebomb Rush - Generator (Spray)
  • Bluebomb Rush - Dismantle Kit (Spray)

Event Schedule


UTC: July 12, 2023, 7:00 AM - July 25, 2023, 7:00 AM


UTC: July 20, 2023, 7:00 AM - August 2, 2023, 7:00 AM

Will your team emerge victorious? See you in the Bluebomb Rush!