PUBG Global Series 2 Tournament Details

PUBG Global Series 2, powered by Gamers8, the world's largest gaming and esports festival is now only around a month away!

As the ongoing PGS 2 qualifiers wrap up, the top 24 teams from around the world will soon descend upon Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


The PGS 2 tournament will take place from August 10th to 20th at the Baker Alshidi Theater in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

In partnership with Gamers8, the event will be open to the crowd throughout the tournament! Exciting, right?

To grab your tickets, simply click on the following LINK.

  • All matches are expected to start at 1500 on-site. (1100 UTC)

Tournament Structure

Group Stage

The journey begins with a Group Stage. Here, the participating teams will fight for a better chance to advance to the Grand Finals.

  • Prior to the Group Stage, teams will be divided into THREE groups: Group A, B, and C
  • Each group will compete against other groups over 3 days of the Group stage. 
    • Day 1: Group A, B
    • Day 2: Group B, C
    • Day 3: Group C, A
  • Each day of the Group Stage will consist of 6 matches
  • Based on the outcomes of the total Group Stage results,
    • The top 16 teams will be placed in the Winners Bracket
    • The bottom 8 teams will be placed in the Losers Bracket.

Winners & Losers Bracket

Teams will then move on to the Winners & Losers bracket, where they will face challenges to secure their tickets to the Grand Finals.

Winners Bracket

  • The Winners Bracket consists of 12 matches over 2 days.
  • The rewards for the winners of the group stage are huge. The top 8 teams in the Winners bracket will be granted a seat directly to the Grand Finals. The remaining 8 teams will be placed into the upcoming Losers Bracket for another chance. 

Losers Bracket

  • The Losers Bracket consists of 12 matches over 2 days.
  • The Losers Bracket will contain the bottom 8 teams from Group Stage and the bottom 8 teams from the Winners Bracket.
  • Only the top winning half will advance to the Grand Finals
    • The remaining bottom 8 teams will be eliminated from the tournament.

Grand Finals

After a day of break, 16 teams will push their limits in the final battle for the ultimate chicken dinner.

  • The Grand Finals will take place over 3 days with 6 matches per day.
  • The top team to be ranked in first place once the final match is complete will be declared the grand champion of the PUBG Global Series 2

PGS Points

Only the top 16 teams of the tournament will be granted with PGS points!

  • After PGS 2 is concluded, the top 4 teams with the most PGS points from PGS 1 & 2 will be granted with a ticket to the PUBG Global Championship 2023!
  • Please note, the PGS point system is an independent point system. PGS points are not added to the PGC points acquired in Regional Tournaments.

Prize Pool

The total prize pool of PGS 2 is an astonishing $2,000,000, which will be distributed to the participating teams based on their final standings in the tournament.


The PGS 2 Tournament will now officially feature Taego into our global PUBG Esports' map pool. Please note that the new map will have a lower ratio compared to our classic maps as it is gradually introduced.

Moreover, PGS 2 will be running with patch #24.2 where we will be seeing Panzerfaust and Mortar in the tournament! We can't wait to see how these new items will impact the game's meta. Rest assured, we will closely monitor community feedback to provide the best competitive gameplay experience.