eUnited released its PUBG: Battlegrounds squad

The American eSports club eUnited has announced the complete dissolution of its PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS lineup, which was signed in February 2022. The official announcement did not elaborate on the reasons for the decision.

EUnited opened a division on PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS in 2017. In five years, the club's lineups earned $346,000 in prize money in the discipline. It is unknown if the organization plans to return to PUBG in the future.

EUnited finished fourth at last year's PUBG Global Championship 2022 in Dubai (earning $218,000), finished in the top-2 at PUBG Continental Series 7: Americas and in the top-4 at PUBG Continental Series 6: Americas.

Former eUnited:

  • США, United States, US Noah "Relo" Jenkins
  • США, United States, US Jake "Snakers" Winant
  • США, United States, US Matt "Kickstart" Smith
  • Австралия, Australia, AU Lachlan "Fludd" Thompson
  • США, United States, US Lawrence "Trevor" Meredith (coach)