The developers of PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS have announced a special broadcast dedicated to the upcoming Vikendi map update. During this broadcast, company representatives will explain what has changed and why they decided to redesign Vikendi.

Hello players!

We’ve already told you through our Dev Plan 2022 that Vikendi will be going through a large-scale revamp that includes new features, shifts to terrain/areas, and more.

Vikendi received many love as PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS’ unique wintery map, but it also went through various in-game issues during its service. Thus, we decided to withdraw Vikendi from the pool for a while and work on improving several aspects of the map.

After months of improvements, the overhauled Vikendi is now almost ready to reveal itself to you all. But before its grand update, we’d love to meet you via our upcoming “PUBG DEV TALK: VIKENDI REBORN” a livestream where the devs will talk about our new winter wonderland!

In the upcoming livestream, we will explain what’s changed and why we’ve decided to remake Vikendi. There will also be a live Q&A session, so make sure to stay tuned!

When and where can we watch the live talk?


We’ve prepared quick events for you to take home in-game rewards during the live show. Check out the details below!

Event 1.

  • We’ll be revealing first-come first-serve redeem codes during the live show. Make sure to use them quick to receive 10 Contraband Coupons! 

Event 2.

  • Participate in our survey through the QR Code that’ll pop up during the live show. G-COIN will be delivered to randomly selected participants!
    • 10,000 G-COIN – 5 Participants
    • 5,000 G-COIN – 10 Participants
    • 2,000 G-COIN – 20 Participants
  • Participants will be qualified for the rewards only when they submit the survey during the live show. The randomly selected participants to receive G-COIN will be announced before the live show concludes.
    • Participants are required to enter their PUBG nicknames in the survey precisely in order to receive the rewards.

Event Notes

  • Additional personal information may be collected for the purpose of this event (participant confirmation, winner selection, reward delivery, etc.).
  • Rewards will be successfully delivered within a day, after the live show concludes.
  • Please refrain changing your PUBG nickname before you receive your rewards as issues may occur during delivery.

We’ve planned out several pleasant surprises for our PUBG DEV TALK: VIKENDI REBORN, so make sure to check in before our winter wonderland makes its comeback this December 6th!