The developers of PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS have teamed up with Twire to launch a fantasy league for the seventh season of the PUBG Continental Series with the opportunity to win prizes (G-Coin and PCS7 skins). PUBG Studios has released a special guide on how to participate in the fantasy league:

Hello PUBG Esports fans!

We officially introduced the Twire PUBG Fantasy League to fans globally back in PNC 2022

We are now back with Fantasy League for PCS7 with even more features!

Build your own Fantasy Team for PCS7 and win goodies! Compete with entire PUBG Esports community or play with your friends! Read on for everything about PUBG Fantasy league for everyone.

How to Play PUBG Fantasy League

1) Create an account or sign in

To play in Fantasy League you need to have a Twire account. Fortunately, like in almost every platform, creating an account just takes you 1 minute and you are ready to go.

If you already have an account, make sure to sign in so you can get access to the Fantasy League tournaments!

2) Select which tournament you want to play

On the Fantasy league tab page, you will be able to check which tournaments you're able to participate as well as all the data and records from previous Fantasy League tournaments.

You can play in all four regions of PCS7 (Americas, APAC, Asia and Europe) with the same account, but remember that each region has its own Fantasy League page.

For now, only Americas and APAC are already live.

3) Build your team

Just like in previous editions, each user will have an initial 100,000$ budget per league to build their teams. With that budget, you will select which players you want in your team, to make the best team possible with the available budget for the two weeks of PCS7.

The costs of the players vary depending on their recent performances and on how experienced they are, so you need to decide if you want to have a team based on 1 or 2 superstar players, or have a more balanced team with 4 average-strong players.

You will always need to select 4 players, but you can’t select more than 1 from the same team. If in the end you still have some budget left it’s okay, you don’t need to invest all the $100,000.

After you have your team selected you can lock in and wait for the tournament to start. However this time, you’ll be able to change your team from Week 1 to Week 2! This means the first team you’ll build will be for Week 1, and then you need to either build the same team or do some adjustments for Week 2.

4) Earn points

So you select what you believe is your best team and it’s time to sit and watch the games

How is the scoring system? Simple.

- 1 kill = 2 points. So for each kill, you get two points. This means, if each player on your team frags 10 kills, you end up summing up at least 80 points.

- For each 100 damage = 1 point. You are worrying that your players do a lot of damage but can’t quite get the kills? Worry not, because the damage dealt will also grant points. For each 100 damage you get 1 point, which means if a player ends with a total of 7000 damage done, that’s 70 points right there.

- Match survived = 5 points. This one is also pretty straightforward. Did your player get a Chicken Dinner? Was he one of the last player standings? Then it means 5 points in the pocket.

- Death before the 10-minute mark = -3 points. Because we don't only count the good performances, but also the bad performances. If one of your chosen players dies before the 10-minute mark on a match, that’s -3 points for you. Pick wisely.

5) Check results, statistics and win prizes

You'll be able to track how many points you earned after each match.

You'll also be able to check the overall leaderboard and compare how you're doing compared to everyone else.

The Top10 participants of each region Fantasy League will win the following prizes provided together with PUBG Esports:

These prizes will be for the overall leaderboard - both week 1 and week 2 accumulated points.

Play Fantasy League with your Friends!

Private Leaderboards are now finally available!

Create your own leaderboard to invite your friends and battle it out between your friends for the ultimate prize: bragging rights.

You will be able to create or join as many Private Leaderboards as you want, and you will always be on the Overall Leaderboard as well.

Let’s take a look at how to create your Private Leaderboard:

1) Log in to your account and access the Fantasy League tournament page

2) Go to the “Private Leaderboard” tab and click “Create leaderboard”

3) Add a name to your new leaderboard and a password

4) To invite your friends, click on the icon and copy the link of your private leaderboard. Share it with your friends, as well as the password you set before, so they can join. Remember anyone who knows the link and the password can join.

You’ll always need to create a private leaderboard for each stage of the respective tournament. This means that if you want to create a private leaderboard for PCS7, you’ll need to create a private leaderboard for each week.

... and that's it! You are ready to go!

Head to the Fantasy League page, pick your teams, create your private leaderboards and invite your friends and have fun!