Notice on Permanent Bans: Fraudulent Transactions

After the increasing number of chargeback of transactions related to the in-game currency G-Coin, the developers of PUBG: Battlegrounds conducted a joint investigation with Steam and shared its results with the community, publishing an official statement on the website of the game. All accounts associated with suspicious activities have been permanently blocked based on the results of the investigation, as they violate the user agreement.

Hello players,

As we’ve recently noticed a sharp increase in the number of potential Chargeback cases regarding certain PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS items (G-Coin), we went through a thorough investigation with Steam and have discovered these in-game transactions were confirmed to be chargeback frauds.

Therefore, we’ve placed permanent bans on the accounts pertaining to these fraudulent transactions.

As such misconducts cause negativity to everyone’s gaming experience, certain account and service restrictions may apply based on our Terms of Service and Rules of Conduct.

If your account received any restrictions/bans when you’ve not done any fraudulent transactions, please submit a ticket to PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Support and we’ll reach out to you as soon as possible.

Lastly, we kindly remind every player to understand and comply with our Terms of Service and Rules of Conduct for a fair and enjoyable gaming experience.

Thank you.