FaZe Clan are second after first day of PCS7: Elimination Stage

FaZe Clan are second in the overall standings of the elimination stage of the seventh season of PUBG Continental Series. By the end of the first game day, the team fragged 43 times and scored a total of 66 points.

The winordie lineup is currently in first place; BBL Esports is in the top 4 and Entropiq is in the top 6. Group B and C will go into action today, and tomorrow will be the final matches between Group A and C.

The group stage of PCS7 in Europe took place from September 1 to 4. The top four teams from each group qualified for the grand final. The remaining 24 participants qualified for the elimination stage, after which the top six teams will also advance to the grand final. The remaining 16 participants will play a last chance round of 16, where they'll play six matches over the course of one day to determine the final two PCS7 grand finalists.