PUBG x McLaren Collaboration details revealed

Dataminer ASJ_saphhics revealed details about the upcoming PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS collab with the McLaren brand, which will appear in the game in 19.2 Update. The update will be available in the main client next week.

As part of this collaboration, Crafter Pass: McLaren will be added to PUBG for one season (instead of the Survivor's Pass), which will include McLaren items in the Workshop.

The game will also feature two skins for the Coupe RB - McLaren GT Standard (white and black) and McLaren GT Elite (yellow). Cars can be tuned with the help of items dropped from the new Workshop chests. Thus players will be able to repaint the car, install new rims and brakes (cosmetics).

Finally, three themed McLaren clothing sets will be added to PUBG, as well as skins for backpacks, helmets and a parachute.