Deston Holiday Tour Event

The developers of PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS have announced a screenshot contest to celebrate the release of the new Deston map in the game. Users need to choose their favorite spot on the map, capture it and upload it to the network for a chance to win G-Coin coins and graffiti.

Hello players (and tourists),

Welcome to KRAFTON Tour Agency: we see that you’ve signed up for the two-week Deston Holiday Tour.

Then allow us to briefly explain what you’d expect during your travel.

All you’d have to do during these two weeks is travel every Deston area possible, choose your favorite place, capture and upload a touristy moment of you online to earn a chance to receive G-COIN and a Deston Spray!

Read on for the full guide.

Deston Holiday Tour Course

※ This event is available to both PC (Steam, KAKAO) and Console platforms.

  1. Explore/select an area of your choice in Deston.
  2. Take a screenshot or video of you posing in the area of your choice. (Make it seem as if you’re really a tourist!)
  3. Upload the screenshot/video to your social media account on one of the following platforms.
  4. Please include the following information along with your entry:
    • Your PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS in-game nickname
    • Your game platform (ex. Steam, KAKAO, Xbox, etc.)
    • Required hashtag: #DestonHolidayTour

Tour Souvenirs

500 random winners selected from the submitted entries will receive souvenirs: 1,000 G-COIN and a Deston Tour spray!

Tour Schedule

※ The following dates are subject to change. Updates will be given in the event of date changes.

Submission Period

The Deston Holiday Tour will be available during the following period – winners will only be chosen from submissions made within provided dates!

  • PDT: July 23, 12 AM – August 4, 11:59 PM
  • CEST: July 23, 9 AM – August 5, 8:59 AM
  • KST: July 23, 4 PM – August 5, 3:59 PM

Winners Announcement

  • PDT: August 19, 12 AM
  • CEST: August 19, 9 AM
  • KST: August 19, 4 PM 

Important Notes for Safe Travel

  • A single PUBG account may participate only once in this event.
  • Submissions showing areas in Deston will receive a chance to be one of the 500 winners.
  • Only entries submitted through the provided platforms above (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) will be counted.
  • Your social media post is required to be Public (everyone can see it) without any viewer restrictions during the event period and until rewards are granted.
  • Participants who submit screenshots/videos that are not their own will be immediately disqualified and have their rewards withdrawn even after receival.
  • We advise you to not change your PUBG nickname after participating in this event as there may be difficulties during the process of granting your reward(s).
  • Your screenshots/videos may be used in KRAFTON and/or PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS’ official channels.
    • Please hold on to your original files as we may ask for them later on!
  • The winners announcement in our official homepage and community pages may include your social media’s link/nickname/content.
  • The winners’ screenshots/videos can be used by the company for promotional purposes, and the screenshots/videos may be transformed freely during the process.

Preview of Deston

Before you go, we’d like to recommend a few (or maybe every) locations you could head for in Deston: Ten Forts, Swamp, Los Arcos, Carpenter’s End, Concert, Assembly, Buxley, Construction Site, Turrita, Barclift, Hydroelectric Dam, El Koro, Lodge, Sancarna, Holston Meadows, Ripton, Arena, Wind Farm… and other beautiful areas on the map that are not labeled!

Now pull out your best costume, weapon skin, and hairstyle from your Customize closet and begin your Deston Holiday Tour Event!

Happy traveling!
– KRAFTON Tour Agency