July 20th Maintenance & Bug Fixes

PUBG: Battlegrounds developers did complete weekly server maintenance and reported various bug fixes both on server and client side.

Hi all,

Maintenance is complete!

Alongside the regular stability checks and backend work, we have rolled out the following bug fixes:

Cosmetic Fixes

  • When a female character wears the Manhunter pants, with a certain top, or a jacket, the legs are invisible.
  • When female characters wear the PIGFF jumpsuit it has a clipping issue at the back of the thigh when wearing long boots.
  • When wearing Julie’s Duster Coat as a female character, the hood obscures the view in first person.
  • An issue in which a female character wears the PCS5 Squad Wipe Jacket, and the hood obscures the field of vision in the first-person view in-game

Gameplay & Map Fixes

  • An issue where smoke grenades were transparently exposed depending on specific weather and location on the Deston map.
  • VSS’s tactical reload animation is playing as the refreshed version of the animation.
  • An issue in which the sound of someone else’s ascender is not output in a specific ascender with a high Z value.
  • Unset the Deston Map Weather Restrictions on PC and Console

Recent Patchnotes can be found here.

– The PUBG Team