intenZ joined Sakura Zensen

Sturla "intenZ" Hoberg, who is a former member of Apeks, GameFraym and Meet Your Makers, has found a new team. Esports athlete has joined Norwegian team Sakura Zensen. He has replaced Nino "NIXZYEE" Mikec who left Sakura Zensen at the start of June.

IntenZ has earned approximately eight and a half thousand dollars in prize money during his career as a professional player in PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS.

Sakura Zensen finished 11th in the PUBG Continental Series 6 European Grand Final and won five thousand dollars in prize money.

Sakura Zensen renewed squad:

  • Норвегия, Norway, NO Aleksander "Himan" Slungaard
  • Норвегия, Norway, NO Terje Elias "Saltym8" Riseth
  • Норвегия, Norway, NO Aleksander "TekkerZ" Handeland
  • Норвегия, Norway, NO Sturla "intenZ" Hoberg