Gen.G Esports roster changes

South Korean eSports club Gen.G Esports has announced changes to its PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS roster.  Han "Maczora" Dae-kyu has abandoned the lineup yesterday. Maczora has represented the team since January of this year.

Jeong "Adder" Ji-hun, who previously played for GHIBLI Esports, GPS GHIBLI and T1, is filling the roster spot.

Gen.G Esports placed sixth in the Asian grand finals of the sixth season of the PUBG Continental Series. The team also placed eighth at the PUBG Global Championship 2021 and earned $121,000. As a reminder, the club won the PGC in 2019 with two million dollars in prize money.

Renewed Gen.G Esports lineup:

  • Корея, Korea Lee "Spear" Dong-su
  • Корея, Korea Seo "Renba" Jae-young
  • Корея, Korea Na "Inonix" Hee-joo
  • Корея, Korea Jeong "Adder" Ji-hun
  • Корея, Korea Jo "Asura" Sang-won