PNC 2022 Event Website

Hello PUBG Esports fans!

Today, we'd like to introduce you to the new PUBG Esports Website dedicated to the PUBG Nations Cup 2022.

Here at the PNC 2022 Event Website, you can learn every detail of PNC 2022 and participate in events.

Let's dive into PNC 2022 Event Website right away!

Here on the main page, you can learn about PNC 2022's schedule, standings, and ongoing events at a glance. Click on the banners to see the details!

You can also simply browse through the top navigation bar to get detailed info on PNC 2022 format, teams&standings, and players.


Participate in online promotions to cheer for your team directly!


Click on the flag to show your favorite team how much support you can give. The clicks will be counted in real-time!

How many clicks can you get? Can you get over 9,000? Let's get clickin now!


Submit your own slogan to cheer for your favorite team!

Prepare your slogan wisely because your slogan could be used to cheer for your team directly!

  • The submitted slogan will be reviewed directly by the very team and players of your choice!
  • 16 slogans (One slogan per team) will be selected to be shown in the live stream and displayed live at the stadium.
  • A special prize will be granted to the selected slogan maker!

The event closes before the PNC 2022 starts! Make sure to submit your slogans before the following due dates!

  • June 11th 00:00 KST
  • June 10th 15:00 UTC
  • June 10th 22:00 ICT
  • June 10th 17:00 CEST
  • June 10th 08:00 PDT

3. Regional Events

Check out the bottom of the promotion page to find out what kind of events are available in your region!