May 24 Crash issue update

Hello everyone,

We are aware that some players have been experiencing crashing issues and are continuing to investigate.

We recommend that you set your DX setting to DX11 in the game settings, update your GPU Driver as well as check for and install any latest Windows Updates to make sure your system is up to date.

  • Date Seen:
    (approximately at what date did this start)
  • Full explanation of the issue:
    (Be as specific with this information as you can. Not being specific or exact with your information can prolong troubleshooting)
  • Error message details:
    (If you receive an error message please let us know what it says)
  • Dxdiag Information
    (Press Windows Key + R and type dxdiag in the search prompt, click the “Save All Information” to your Desktop and upload as an attachment for support).
  • CrashDump Files
    (Press Windows Key + R and in the search prompt, type %localappdata%\TslGame\Saved\Crashes – right click the latest crash file, ZIP the file and add it as an attachment to the PUBG Support ticket)