PUBG Duck Rider Challenge

Hello players!

Got some top-tier landing skills? Then you’ve arrived at the perfect event.

Along with the new B.Duck update at Sanhok for Update 17.2, we’ve prepared a special Duck Rider Challenge! Land on top of one of the B.Ducks’ fluffy heads using your parachute, capture and upload a screenshot/video of that moment, and earn the chance to take home ducky rewards!

How to Participate

  1. Parachute your way through Sanhok and land on top of one of the four B.Ducks’ heads.
  2. Take a screenshot or video of yourself.
  3. Upload the screenshot/video to your social media account on one of the following platforms.
    • Regional Channles
  4. Please include the following information along with your entry:
    • Your PUBG in-game nickname
    • Your platform (ex. Steam, KAKAO, Xbox, etc.)
    • Required hashtags
      • #PUBGDuckRider
      • Regional Hashtags
Region Mandatory hashtag
(#PUBGDuckRider + Regional hashtag)
Regional channels 
Global #PUBGDuckRider Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
KR #PUBGDuckRider #PUBG비덕챌린지 Facebook, Instagram
CN #PUBGDuckRider #小黄鸭绝地出击# Weibo, Bilibili, Heybox, Shenjing
NA #PUBGDuckRider #PUBGDUCK Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
OC #PUBGDuckRider #PUBGDUCK Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
MX #PUBGDuckRider #PatoDesafio Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
BR #PUBGDuckRider #DesafioDoPato Facebook, Twitter/
UK #PUBGDuckRider #PUBGDuckChallenge Facebook, Twitter
DE #PUBGDuckRider #PUBGEntenreiter Facebook, Twitter
TR #PUBGDuckRider #PUBGÖrdekChallenge Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube Comms
MENA #PUBGDuckRider #تحدي_فرسان_البط_ببجي Facebook, Twitter
RU #PUBGDuckRider VK, Telegram
JP #PUBGDuckRider #PUBGDuck着陸チャレンジ  Twitter
TW #PUBGDuckRider #征服絕地小黃鴨 Facebook, Instagram, TWHKMO Offical Discord
TH #PUBGDuckRider #พับจีดั๊กชาเลนจ์(It mean PUBGDuckChallenge) Facebook
VN #PUBGDuckRider #ThuThachVitVangPUBG Facebook
PH #PUBGDuckRider #PUBGPatoChallenge Facebook
ID #PUBGDuckRider #PUBGBebekChallenge


  1. 1,000 winners chosen from the submitted entries will receive a B.Duck spray.
  2. 100 additional winners chosen from the 1,000 winners will receive five B.Duck weapon skins.

Event Schedule

※ The following dates are subject to change. Updates will be given in the event of date changes.

Event Submission Period

PUBG Duck Rider Challenge will be available during the following period. Please remember winners will only be chosen from submissions made within the event period!

  • PDT: May 19, 12 AM – May 31, 12 AM
  • CEST: May 19, 9 AM – May 31, 9 AM
  • KST: May 19, 4 PM – May 31, 4 PM

Winners Announcement

  • PDT: June 7, 12 AM
  • CEST: June 7, 9 AM
  • KST: June 7, 4 PM 

Important Notes

  • A single PUBG account may participate only once in this event.
  • As long as it’s a game mode where the B.Duck update is applied, you are eligible to participate in this event.
  • Only entries submitted through the provided platforms above (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) will be eligible.
  • Your social media post is required to be Public (everyone can see it) without any viewer restrictions during the event period and until rewards are granted.
  • Participants who submit screenshots/videos that are not their own will be immediately disqualified and have their rewards withdrawn even after receival.
  • We advise you to not change your PUBG nickname after participating in this event as there may be difficulties during the process of granting your reward(s).
  • Your screenshots/videos may be used in KRAFTON and/or PUBG’s official channels.
    • Therefore, please hold on to your original files as we may ask for them later on!
  • The winners announcement in our official homepage and community pages may include your social media’s link/nickname/content.
  • The winners’ screenshots/videos can be used by the company for promotional purposes, and the screenshots/videos may be transformed freely during the process.