April 27th Maintenance & Bug Fixes & Game Crash Fix

Today PUBG Studios conducted another preventive maintenance of the game's main servers, which fixed several bugs in PUBG: Battlegrounds. Information about this appeared in the official tweet of the PUBG support service:

Fixed an issue where the sound would not output when changing the shooting mode of the ACE32.
Fixed an issue where the firing sound of the ACE32 weapon sounded louder than other ARs.
Fixed an issue where terrain and character outlines were visible when using smoke grenades
Fixed an issue where notification markers were not displayed when there were rewards available in the Winner Prediction Events tab.
Fixed an issue where the reward button was activated abnormally even after obtaining a reward in the Team Face Off voting (reward is not paid even if the button is reactivated)

This maintenance caused another major issue in the game that resulted in the client crashes. The developers rapidly published a solution on the Twitter Support account:

[PC] For players encountering the "Error code 0x0000003" related to game security file appears and execution is terminated] Search %commonprogramfiles%\pubg path through [Windows search bar] or [Start - Run] Run uninstaller.exe from that path then restart your game.